Just imagine. A positive team of positive players. A team of players whose default action is to play a positive pass instead of quaking on the spot and hoofing it. A team that breathlessly wins 4-3 instead of scraping home 1 nil with a dodgy penalty. The return of the ‘glory days’ would be marvellous, but a rekindling of the Leeds United spirit is my greatest wish. I want to see football played the LS11 way.

Watching Leeds comes with a certain set of expectations

Brian McDermott desperately wanted to bring success to Elland Road. The return of the pre-match ‘Wave’ was an honest attempt at re-instilling some popular tradition, yet our style of football was far from what we wanted to see. You could emphasise with his rationale- create a solid, hard-to-beat side that would hold its own and challenge this season.

Never Mind Eh.

We were left with the odd spark of positivity; an occasional flowing move or irregular trouncing would get the heart racing, but it was only ever short-term. We would fall apart; sometimes in apocalyptic fashion. We needed the Leeds United way.

Simon Grayson’s sides had their faults. We were short on investment and prone to a spanking, but we played decent football. Grayson knew the right way to play, but the execution wasn’t always there. Positive, hungry players were rife at Leeds in those days and a few quality defenders protected by a defensive midfielder under the age of 37 could have seen us return to the big-time. It wasn’t to be, and the arrival of Colin saw us adopt tedious, lifeless match-play with little thought for the paying customer and their entertainment.

On paper, Warnock and McDermott should have worked. They’d been there, done that, and got the trophy to prove it. Cellino has different ideas. He’s realised that the Leeds United formula is more than a set of credentials and thoroughly thought-out match play. We are a philosophy. We are positive, expressive football. We get stuck in, we have each other’s backs. We don’t always win, but we come away thoroughly entertained and with the knowledge that the lads threw everything into the LS11 way. Whilst the glory days may be out of touch for the time-being, glory football could be just around the corner.  Bring it on.



  1. Could be nearer than we think, if the latest transfer speculation is true, and comes off! It will provide some of the missing ingredients the team badly needs. MC will always divide opinion I suspect, but boring it won’t be!

  2. Leeds have always been a team built around great midfields. Even in division 2 in the eighties we had quality midfield players.

    Hate what the foot doctor did to our team bypassing the midfield and whellying up the pitch. Our worst manager ever in my opinion. But what did we expect from a lifelong Sheffield united fan with an inane hatred of all things Leeds.

    • This clueless wanker is about to surpass colin and even mcdermott as the worst Leeds manager ever. He needs to go this week because the abuse he’s going to get will take its toll on a coach who isn’t used to it. The fact that he rates norris,hunt and morrison enough to include them in a squad speaks volumes.

  3. Oh for those bygone days!! Went to the preseason at Chesterfield and the only thing of any note was the few Leeds fans (sic) that, from kick-off to his substitution, never got of Morrison’s back. I thought he played ok in the first half but the few ‘boo boys’ never shut up. Felt a bit ashamed after a while, the language was disgusting even though they were sitting next to children “Millwall Cxxx” was repeated over and over again. I went to watch the match, but I got the feeling that these lads had gone only to shout abuse at players!! Sign of the times I suppose.

  4. We still have the same shitty defenders that have been leaking goals in previous seasons, can,t
    see any further than relegation, been to pre season at Mansfield & chesterfield, again pretty dire, murphy alone tries to pass the ball, everyone else gives it away, no shots from open play, no decent build up, oh well I got the season ticket may as well shout the lads on


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