Will O’Kane start again? – Leeds team to face Fulham


Tonights game is probably the hardest left for Leeds this season. With it also being live on Sky, there’s nowhere to hide. I can’t pretend to have any confidence heading into the game but these are the sort of occasions where Leeds surprise you most. With all that in mind, who starts for Leeds tonight?

GK – Bailey Peacock Farrell – Wiedwald wasn’t even in the squad last week, you’d imagine BPF starts for the remainder of the season.

Into the defence…



  1. Don’t ask me why but I think we may win tonight. I know this sounds ridiculous, but if we do, the play offs are not out of sight if somehow we managed to do a reverse of last seasons last games.
    All the others are saying – ‘come and get us!’

    • The pressure is on Fulham, and we can keep them out early once may have a chance.
      If we turn up and really play, who knows.
      I would go for O’Kane instead of Phillips.
      Since O’Kane got married he has lost a lot of confidence, but he always gives 100% and never shirks a tackle.
      We have no one any better to play in front of the back four?
      The manager prefers Ronaldo further up the pitch.


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