As the news broke that Leeds were yet again interested in signing Max Gradel it was first met with mass optimism. I looked through my twitter feed and just saw nothing but people going mad at the prospect of Gradel returning. Of course as the day went on the sensible people started to tweet that this has happened before and it brought me back to reality. This same thing happened in January, news broke about Leeds being interested in signing Max Gradel but nothing ever happened. I hate to think this would be a PR stunt like the last time. I have more faith this time because for starters, McDermott has confirmed he is interested in the player, we’re in the midst of a takeover which could provide big funds, lets hope.
If we do sign Gradel it would be brilliant for many reasons, not only would he be a quality player on the pitch who could change a game on his own, but it would nail down the positive attitude around the club at the moment. In the summer we spent £1m on a player for the first time in 8 years and Max Gradel would undoubtedly cost more. But what a statement of intent it would be if we did sign him, there would be a general feeling that we could actually go up for the first time in years. I saw some suggest that we shouldn’t sign Max because he’s been injured and also because he’s played here before… I’ve heard people say that players should never go back to their former club – nonsense. I can understand that if the player isn’t very good and it’s all based on memories but Gradel is still a fantastic player. He would 100% improve our first eleven. A minor problem is that of the formation, with 3-5-2 working so well does Brian really want to change formation to fit wingers? Would he have to sign another winger to go with Gradel? Only McDermott knows the answer to these questions, I’m sure he’ll get it right.
It also came to light today that one of the men behind the consortium trying to takeover the club lead by David Haigh is Andrew Flowers, MD of Enterprise insurance Leeds’ current shirt sponsor. This gave most fans a lot of relief. Especially me, I was almost convinced we were going to be owned by Red Bull and they were going to change our name away from Leeds United. We’d have to be RedBullLeedsAllOver, imagine! All in all the mood around United at the moment is very positive and hopefully it will remain that way.
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  1. Spot on. Too much clap trap spoken about “not going back”. Gradel’s not some old lover, nor did he want to leave or was kicked out for being crap. He was sold on the cheap to fund executive boxes at Elland Road/a Monaco lifestyle. As well as being a great acquistion it’s a real statement of intent to undo the damage done in the dark days of the Bates regime.

  2. Even though I would love to see Max Gradel back at the club, he has had two operations since leaving Leeds and has only just come back to full fitness. If we sign him he has to be 100% and we mustn’t just sign him coz we love him. There is no room for sentiment if we want to get promoted.

  3. This is different than before, The boss has confirmed hes after Gradel. That’s another thing I like about Brian. Is that hes straight as an arrow, if hes asked a specific question and its true he wont lie even though hed probably prefer to keep things under wraps. As a Leeds fan that’s lived under Bates Yoke for 8 years I very much appreciate that.


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