10 days. 10 Whole Days. Remarkable that it took this long for the press to rumble up a story linking Jack Clarke with a move away from Elland Road. As if their collective meltdown with Leeds Actually Being Good wasn’t bad enough they throw this on top of their bonfire. Short-sighted, feeble and outright silly but then again what have they got to lose?


The points we can attribute to the impact Clarke has made on the pitch are indisputable. The comeback against Villa a highlight. Clarke has been exciting and ultimately essential to the fast, direct and attacking brand Leeds have adopted this season. To sell a key piece of the jigsaw at this stage in the season would be about as kamikaze as it can get for Radrizzani. If we don’t buy players, yes there are probably solutions. If we add a key departure to the major holes already left by Saiz and to a lesser extent Baker and Blackman, there would be serious questions raised about self-sabotage this season. Not to mention, the serious undermining of the principles that Bielsa has built this success upon. He has his players, he works with them, that’s all he needs. Should we sell one of his most exciting prospects it could seriously taint the progress that has been made.

Where would he realistically  go that is better for him?

Jack Clarke is currently part of a Championship title contending side. He has a major influence on this side and towards the back end of this season he is set to play an even bigger role. If he goes to a big Premier League side, your Tottenhams, your Man City’s, under managers renowned for being great developers of players, it is unlikely he will play as significant a part as he will at Leeds. Conversely, he could go to a mid-table Premier League side where there is quite frankly not much to play for and with such short-sighted managers he will likely only get minutes when games are settled.

Jack Clarke is clearly immensely talented and is destined for great things, but right now, his best option is to stay at Leeds.

Plus, I’ve kinda grown to like him


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