Startlingly, reddit user velders01- a Korean-American has uncovered that the phrase having a ‘Leeds Era’ is a popular in Korea. Popularly used by women of an older age to describe their youth in which they were at their “height of beauty”.

In his research into the topic, he found it had some reference to Alan Smith’s time at Leeds United, as they believe this was his “prime” and so spoke of “Alan Smith’s time in Leeds” which shortened to just “Leeds Era”.

“through the magic of internet memes entering the mainstream language, now it’s mostly used by Korean women to refer to back to the days when they were hot before they got kids, gained weight, got wrinkles, etc…” This is very strange…

and if anyone knows any Korean, here’s a Youtuber explaining the term:

If anyone has any further knowledge about this, please feel free to let us know. But also, further proof we’re the biggest club in England?


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