With every January comes a plethora of names people like to throw into the abyss. Dwight Gayle? Billy Sharp? Matt Smith!

The one nobody touted was Che Adams. He wasn’t the obvious choice but he does tell us a lot about what Victor Orta and Leeds look for in their recruitment.

Adams is primarily a close fit to Patrick Bamford, he’s a physical and athletic player who will be able to implement the press as well as Bamford. His intelligence and anticipation are a merit too, this gives him the advantage of being able to play smart in Leeds’ system. Perhaps where Eddie Nketiah fell down at Leeds was trying to do too much at once, when the ball was in the final third he’d drag over to where it was, that took another defender with him and suddenly the space Leeds had to play in was reduced.

Noted for his ability to get on the end of through balls, Adams may be seen as a perfect fit for a Leeds system that asks wingers and midfielders to do the majority of the creative work.

Is this Victor Orta’s and Marcelo Bielsa’s priority therefore? Given the immense regime players must go through to be accustomed to the system, being able to handle the crash course will be at the forefront of recruitment.