Some of our recent team selections have been baffling, none more so than the team against Derby. We struggled to beat 10 man Bournemouth on the Tuesday night and then McDermott picks the same team for Derby? Don’t get it.
The strangest selection for me is Michael Tonge, what does he offer to the team? Yes he can pass a simple ball which most people in the world can do but what else? He’s slow, can’t tackle and does nothing on the creativity side, considering he is supposed to be the creator in that team, it’s worrying. Luke Murphy is sat on the bench, the £1m signing. Obviously a player shouldn’t just play because he cost a lot of money but he is definitely better than Tonge and has the potential to be a great player.
In my opinion out of Diouf, Byram, Murphy and Poleon we have to find space in the team for 3 of them, they are the people who are going to make something happen for us, until we make some signings. Poleon always looks a threat on the pitch, his pace and trickery often gets him past defenders and he could easily score goals and win penalties for us, the only thing lacking from him at the moment is he needs to get his head up and pass it instead of running into a wall. Diouf’s name alone can scare the opposition, letting then know they actually have a threat to deal with, I’d have him in for his creativity. Byram speaks for himself, our most creative and best player last year, winning what seemed like 10 penalties along the way, a definite starter. The team at this current moment in time is just so lacklustre, the only bright spark being Alex Mowatt.
alex-mowatt-vs-doncaster_tsbfet7n5o3217n0ximstsujk Mowatt already looks like the real deal, and could be some player in years to come. Calm on the ball, can pick a a pass, tackle and score goals, some might say the most exciting prospect to come through the Leeds Academy since Fabian Delph.
On a different note, before our next game v Birmingham, we definitely need to sign someone, preferably two, a winger and a striker would be good. If for nothing else just for something different, like when Jerome Thomas came here on loan from West Brom last season, we arguably had our best run of the season then, with a winger and a goalscorer who happened to be Becchio.
I wouldn’t say we were in a relegation battle as some people are suggesting just yet, we could still get in the play-offs easily enough, just need a couple of signings and a bit of luck. Most importantly everybody needs to stick with McDermott, he may of made a few strange tactical decisions but he is definitely the best man for the job right now, and for the long run.



  1. what a complete load of nonsense, Jerome Thomas was shit and unfit and we didn’t have our best run of season at all with him and as for Byram well the defence is leaking goals since his return and half of becchio’s goals were from penalty spot, yet another deluded know it all moron armchair fan

    • Paul – the last bloke to call a Leeds fan a moron lived in Monaco. It didn’t end well.

      Absolutely agree about the Derby line-up. Byram missed the pre-season and needs game time. Green was even poorer than Tongue but neither have the pace or strength needed for this league. Mowatt as man of the match for Leeds says it all about the rest.

    • Hello there, always nice to receive constructive criticism. Armchair fan? I can guarantee I go to more games than you. Leaking goals since Byram got back? Did you see him last season? Can you name a better run we had last season?

  2. Paul…. Since his return ?? Hes hardly kicked a ball man !! hes played one full game ! and was benched for the last two…. do you actually watch Leeds play ? Incase you dont know, Leeds is a city in Yorkshire…. thats the North of England…… And Jerome Thomas did indeed help Leeds form last season…certainly initially !


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