Who should be in the starting lineup for Leeds on Sunday against QPR? This is my view.

GK – Rob Green – Obvious one really, our best keeper, adding some much needed experience to the team. Should improve us.



  1. Myself I would prefer Murphy and Diagouraga in CM, we do look a exciting side in the offensive positions, I’m really looking forward to the season starting, could do with out the Taylor saga dragging on, but there you go. QPR 1 LEEDS 3 We have a good bench too, would like to see Silvestri moved on. MOT.

  2. Agreed in midfield … I don’t think Murphy and Diagouraga are right …. Me personally our best midfield would be with Bridcutt. Bridcutt Vieria -Hernandez in reserve Phillips Grimes and Mowatt
    Up front I may start with Wood but I think Antonsson is better still not convinced that we have enough here for the season … I would like to see another to compete with Wood and Antonsson perhaps Austin of Southampton or Hogan of Brentford …. The wide strikers Roofe of course but definitely Sacko over Dallas…. How can we have at one side speed and attacking threat and the other minimal threat and a slow plodding approach Dallas is a good worker but lacks the offensive edge… Defence completely agree … Move Taylor out and bring in MAwson and Henry

  3. Agree with your front 3.
    But I think you may be a little off with your midfield.
    First game of the season, we may need a bit of calm and experience in the middle of the park. As much as I agree that Vieira and Grimes have got loads of potential, I d be shocked if neither Murphy or Diagouraga didn’t start, possibly even both with Vieira and Grimes on the bench.
    Also, I d expect Hernandez to be given a bit more time to get up to speed in terms of fitness and Monks pre season tactics etc so I d not be surprised to see Mowatt start and Pablo eased in over the next few weeks.
    Right back, again, as much as a fit Beradi would be a definite starter, with no pre season games under his belt, Coyle may get ‘the nod’. He s also got bags of potential and we really need to get him signed up for another 3 years.
    As for Taylor, it s a business, so him wanting to play in the Premiership is no surprise. if we re honest, most of us would want to triple our wages and play at the top level. These guys are one tackle away from being out of a career so if they get a chance, they tend to go for it…. They may never get another, so it s fair play really. Loyalty? That’s for us fans.
    We need to get the best price possible, buy a young player from another club and repeat the process until we get back to the PL. that’s why it s so surprising that Cellino seems to be saying no (although he has a tendency to change his mind suddenly). If Taylor does stay, he s a pro so you d expect him to give 100%. In addition, he s got a vested interest to perform well to make sure he gets a move to a top club (and top wages) at the end of the season.

  4. We have more options in midfield and up front this year for sure , it’s the defence that needs some bolstering in my opinion and maybe 1 central midfielder ( Bridcutt) …can’t argue with your selection but I have a good feeling about Antonnsson maybe off the bench …want a win but a draw would not be a bad result away at QPR

  5. Green
    Berardi – Bartley – Bamba – Taylor
    Vieira – Murphy
    Dallas – Hernández – Roofe
    Wood / Antonsson

    If another CB and LB can be brought in, I would be tempted to start both in preference to Sol Bamba / Charlie Taylor, and I do believe Antonsson can play the lone striker role, but not if the ball is ‘hoofed’ forward from defence.

  6. It’s live here in OZ. cannot wait … I do hope Taylor stays… Classy player and I would also put Cooper straight in if fit.

  7. Same reason Cooper doesn’t start is why Berardi shouldn’t. Bamba is an accident waiting to happen so I would try Diagouraga at the back as at least he is more sure footed. Phillips in for Grimes in midfield as he gets stuck in and Sacko anyday over Dallas who cannot get round anyone. It would in fact be tempting to look at converting Dallas to left back and have Taylor watch from the stands but let’s not cut off our noses to spite our faces.


    Subs : Turnbull, Berardi, Bamba, Grimes, Mowatt, Dallas, Wood

  8. I agree with most comments. I still think that we need to strengthen the centre of defence. We need a leader as captain. Sol Bamba is too unpredictable and isn’t getting any younger! Murphy and Mowatt all need to prove themselves this season and competition for their places may help motivate them.


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