GK- Marco Silvestri – Marco will start every league game unless he gets injured so this is a shoe in selection. He looked solid against Middlesbrough on Saturday and was comfortable at coming off his line and commanding his penalty area.
Into the defense…



  1. Agree with nearly everything. Controversial after such a cracking game, but I think 2 games in 4 days is too much for Warnock. He definitely got worn out last season with no rest and he was everywhere Saturday and really put his body on the line. I would rather Taylor played and Warnock puts in another shift against Watford on Saturday, then Taylor back in for the Bradford game. Brighton haven’t scored yet and travelled to Birmingham on Saturday, really don’t think they will be up for it tomorrow and we could really find some form here!

      • I mean Taylor really look age confedonce so think.I don’t even know about Zakilukas if he is still at Leeds he could play he was a great player never mined wens day nobody played well that game so him maybe (if he is still at the club).

  2. Can’t disagree with much of what you say … except that Giuseppe Bellusci must start if we’ve received international clearance, perhaps with a CB partnership of Bellusci and Cooper, and I know I’ll be slagged for leaving out Jason Pearce but Cooper has more pace and looks more comfortable with playing the ball out of defence, something that will be bread and butter to Bellusci … it’s the future.

    Byram – Bellusci – Cooper/Pearce – Warnock
    4D … Cook – Murphy – Bianchi – Ajose
    Doukara – Sharp

    Subs … S. Taylor – Pearce/Cooper – Austin – Tonge – Benedicic – Smith – Poleon

    • Who’s the holding midfielder there?
      No Austin. Can’t see it
      Cook Murphy & Bianchi are too similar and Doukara is injured

      Wait while we he Adryan. Come on

  3. If Adyran is cleared to play for tonight (which I doubt) he should go straight into the team. This lad is pure class and is a level above our entire team, I’ve been watching him for the past 3-4 years after signing him on FIFA ages ago I decided to keep an eye on him in real life and he’s dynamite.

  4. I’d start the same lineup as last week except… if Doukara is hurt, then I’d throw on Benidicic. I’m a little fearful of Smith starting. I think he is our game changer when needed. I am afraid the squad will start reverting back to hoofball them second Smith steps on the pitch…


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