Tactical mastermind Dave Hockaday has said that he will start his team to face Millwall, as it stands, on Saturday against Chesterfield. Is that what we need? Yes. Did he need to tell the media that? Absolutely not. I have been trying throughout all this to remain as positive as possible, I have been satisfied with some of the players we have signed so far and was hoping that we might turn into a half decent side, but whilst we have The Hock in charge does it really matter who we sign? Take Tuesday night’s defeat to Mansfield for example, I mean absolutely no dis respect to Mansfield when I say this, but this a game we should have won. Does it matter? Not particularly, I can’t say I ever read too much into pre season results but when we play so poorly and then our manager turns around and says we dominated the game is a total head scratcher. Whilst I personally believe that we should support the team and all that, I also believe that when I spend thousands of pounds a year following the team around the country, I have a right to voice these concerns and be as negative or, in my opinion in this case, extremely realistic that we could find ourself a difficult time over the next few months. As far as Millwall go, they don’t need much homework, if we don’t get any stronger players in then the team from Saturday will go to The Den and start for us, all they have to do is send a scout, see how we shape up and then it’s job done for their preparation, school boy error from, Dave.

Regarding the transfer of Viviani, it appears that the club are entering a third day of negotiations, apparently the Viviani camp are concerned about the player joining Leeds following Tuesday night’s game, after Vivani and his team were present at the game. That in itself speaks volumes.

Again, whilst I try to dull down my negativity, I feel we all have a right to voice concerns and clear mistakes that are going on. No debate or argument intended. Just the truth.

So, as we speak, who is your strongest team to face Millwall? Let us know your thoughts.



  1. I hope we don’t face Millwall without a goalscorer or at least one winger, and also a ‘proper’ centre-half.
    my team would be Silvestri in goal.
    Full-backs – Berardi & Taylor.
    Centre-backs – Pearce & Wootton
    Midfield – Cook, Bianchi & Murphy.
    Forwards – Smith, Poleon and Walters.

  2. No team suggestions because thankfully I haven’t witnessed either of the pre season games, I haven’t renewed my season ticket either this year (after 30 odd years) instead I will pick my games because I cannot see that the team can do anything good with this muppet in charge and I am sick of throwing good money away.
    What I can say is good article, you have said what a lot of us think, Hockaday wasn’t good enough to run a Conference team so what the hell can he bring to Leeds.
    One more thing, despite what some other Leeds sites say about voicing our concerns via social media I agree with you, if we spend our money on Leeds we are perfectly entitled to speak our mind about what we are buying into, and at the moment it doesn’t seem to be much.

      • Typical canon fodder comment that makes our club so appealing to those who are only interested in it for what they can take out, another idiot who will pay through the nose to watch crap just because they are called Leeds United.
        I have supported this club for 60 years and been a season ticket holder for over thirty years, when you have shown that commitment to the club feel free to call me what you want, until then go back home, your mother wants to slap you.

        • i have followed this club for 38 out of my 47 years, so in that time we have seen the same things, do you not understand that negativity from us support is the thing holding us back sometimes ,the buzz of the day out with lads is the thing that makes me keep going, not to go there and make myself miserable standing there moaning ab out this player that player, this manager this owner and so on, surely if it affects you so much in a negative way the best thing you can do is stay away,we have had a decade of shite now, but for goodness sake dont make it worse with all this down spoken stuff

          • It isn’t negativity from the supporters that holds us back, it is negativity from management and players.I cannot believe that you sat down and penned your reply after yet another inept performance by what Hockaday calls his best starting eleven against lower opposition. If they put eleven monkeys out in the white strip you would go and watch them so there is no hope for you.
            Go out, get drunk and go and spend your money watching crap mate, at least if I take your earlier suggestion and watch the Rhinos I will be watching a TEAM that wants to win.
            Don’t bother replying because your blind devotion bores me and I won’t be looking again.

    • thatsa good shout, only thing maybe warnock and tonge for millwall game instead of taylor and mowatt as they just thugs, but from then on u spot on with wot we av

  3. In Many ways I see tomorrow against Chesterfield as more important than Millwall and a watershed for Leeds. I am now going to the match to see for myself rather than just reading about it all.
    Transfers seem to have stalled at the moment and I just hope plenty is going on in the background because we need AT LEAST four more quality players.
    If we play badly and lose tomorrow then surely Cellino will have to make a decision to stop the rot. Remember that first Norwich game a while back – 7 – 0 and manager gone. Fast exits have happened before.
    If we lose Hockaday then head south and don’t bother coming back to Yorkshire please.

    • The pre-season games have been a continuation of our abysmal form last season.
      It would have been worse if we had a bright pre-season papering over the cracks!
      I agree about our disappointing recruitment this pre-season.
      All the decent players we have tried for, we have lost.
      The new lads may be OK but we need a goalscorer, a midfield general and a top quality centre-back.
      Without those we are doomed to another diabolical season.
      Come on Massimo, and get your finger out!!
      Still, I am looking forward to the season and live in hope!!

  4. Can’t disagree with very much at all in the article and whilst I believe that I’m a glass more than half full person who would like to allow everyone their opportunity, I do have some concerns, mainly surrounding David Hockaday … in his interviews he uses “I” far too much, and not we, as in team, and his apparent reliance on discipline and being the hardest working team in the league is overplayed… whatever happened to skill? Where is Chris Dawson (Wales U21) in all this preparation and, probably, the most skilful midfield player in the academy … OK, he’s not a big athlete, but the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Xabi aren’t either but they can influence games with their creativity, and score goals.

    My team for what it’s worth, without reportedly injured players … a back four, midfield diamond, player in the hole with one striker
    Berardi – Wootton – Pearce (c) – Taylor
    Cook or Austin
    Byram – Murphy – Bianchi

    Subs … Taylor – Lees – White – Austin or Cook – Tonge – Poleon – Doukara

  5. Silvestri

    Berardi Wooton Pearce

    Byram Murphy Bianchi Cook Taylor

    Smith McDaid

    I wouldn’t pick Lees, Tonge, Poleon,Austin, White, Norris or Thompson in a first 11 and I wouldn’t pick Morison at all. Mowatt won’t be fit and I’d pick McDaid to see what he can do right now, but we need to buy a proven goalscorer in the next few days.

  6. Smith
    Poleon Doukara
    Bianchi Murphy
    Taylor Pearce Wooton Byram

    In that exact shape. Also can switch sides for Poleon/Doukara depending on who’s better on the left.

    Solid defensively(other than maybe Wooton but he’s better than Lees), fullbacks that get up and back quite well, creative midfielders, pacey wingers, and the best current striker we have.


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