What’s going on? Leeds player ratings v Sheffield Wednesday

Felix Wiedwald

Well, not quite the bounce-back we were hoping for after the Cardiff game… Anyway, let’s get into it.

Felix Wiedwald – 4 – Not good, not good at all. I’m starting to wonder why we sold Rob Green at all, Felix doesn’t give his defence any confidence whatsoever.

Into the defence…



  1. Yep, they’re fair ratings. Overall poor. Not enough desire shown today. Sloppy passing and errors. This could descend into real trouble.

  2. Rubbish don’t what’s going on with the team shouldn’t be chargein the every week and certainly take the keeper I really don’t rate him at all

  3. Fair ratings, but much of the back fours problems were caused by our non existent lightweight midfield. It has been obvious to me in each of our last three away games, the’ve never loozed remotely in control. From looking impenetrable our frailty in mIdfield has caused our back four problems. A possible solution, is to do a Cardiff, and by a defensive sweeper in front of the back four, Sol Bamba completely controlled our midfield. At some stage, every player has a dip in form, Against Cardiff and again today, Ayling has shown he is human, and after being very good, Okane today was ineffective, Phillips and Hernanders get caught in possesion too often, and miss place passes in defencI’ve positions causing problems .
    It would appear that our lofty position, was more good luck in that we never played against physical sides, and as soon as we did we have been found wanting. We need some metal in our midfield.

  4. Why oh WHY do we continue to play Weidwald??
    He was crap in Germany at the end of his time thwere, and he has been ABSOLUTE CRAP for his whole time at Leeds. He is worse (or at least as bad) as Rahubka.
    No wonder the defense have lost faith in him and cannot trust him to do anything consistently.

    WHY does he PUNCH the ball, why does he stay on his line when he should come out?
    Why does he come out when he should stay in?
    Why can’t he kick a ball straight (he consistently kicks it out of the park?
    Why does he continually throw out balls to defenders when they are being marked?
    Why did we sell Rob Green and replace him with RUBBISH.
    At fault for another two goals today, after 2 goals at Cardiff, after Millwall?
    WHY IS HE PLAYING???????
    Will someone PLEASE explain to me?

  5. Fair comments I would not just replace wiedwald for the reading game I would bring borthwick-jackson into left back Anita into midfield and play Dallas from the start. But at the end of the day win draw or lose we will show our support to the very end not like some so called fans of other clubs MOT


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