When it was announced a couple of months ago that Massimo Cellino was due to stand trial for tax evasion, we all (including a whole host of sports lawyers and journalists) thought he’d be in the clear.

How wrong they were.

Now, we don’t know where to look, or what to think. All we know is what to say: “What the f*** is going on?”. It looks damn likely that Cellino will be turned down by the Football League through their ‘Fit and Proper Persons Test’, but what does it mean for Leeds.

Well, again, I’m not sure too many people know for certain. We can all speculate, but right now the only definite thing is that the latest in the never-ending string of Leeds United takeovers looks set to drag on into next season at least.

But what does it mean for the team on the pitch? Well, we all know that our team is beyond awful, and with Sky’s constant references to the Rochdale and Sheffield Wednesday games, so can everyone else.

At the end of the season, three loanees will leave: Jack Butland and the mightily impressive Connor Wickham will return to Stoke and Sunderland respectively, two of only a few shining lights in United’s recent teams. However, there is some hope. The end of the season will also see Jimmy Kebe leave Leeds and go back to Crystal Palace (it’s about bloody time).

If only someone could take a restraining order out on him before then…

This season, United look likely to finish in mid-table for a third consecutive season, with hope of finishing in the play-offs gone, and the threat of relegation unlikely.

But what about next season? If GFH remain in charge over the summer can you honestly say we’ll sign any decent players? I certainly can;t see it happening. It looks likely to be a case of ‘one in, one out’… again.

Without new owners, or new signings, The Whites could well be looking at yet another mid-table finish, unless we do a Burnley and massively overachieve with a team of former Championship rejects.


I said it when he was first appointed and I’l say it again now, Brian McDermott has been the first manager for as long as I can remember (bar Simon Grayson) that I trust with managing Leeds United.

Yes, there’s a heck of a lot of people who disagree with me, but can you honestly say he’s been better than Warnock, McAllister or Dave Bassett?

McDermott doesn’t have the most experience in the world, but the way he has dealt with all that has gone on in the last few months tells me that he’s a quality football manager, but also that he can handle everything that goes on behind the scenes (including being dicked about by his ‘new boss’).

However, he is all but powerless without money in the summer, especially if (God forbid) Norwich come calling again…




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