Leeds have always had a healthy support in both the republic and Northern Ireland possibly dating back to the 60/70s era and John Giles.
However after a few years in decline,it was decided to revive the Leeds United supporters clubs in the Emerald Isle in the early 80s,it was the era of Eddie Grays Leeds,Irwin,Sellars,Sheridan,like today we were struggling in the mid section of the then 2nd division with a very average side,the 1st supporters club meeting was held in Galway city and was officially established in 1984,from then the branches throughout the 26 counties began to grow and the awakening of Leeds support in Ireland.Branches were then established in Dublin,Louth,Athlone,Cork,Kerry,Slico,Donegal,all over the country and the groups were made up of people from all parts of the community.
Then a trip consisted of leaving Dublin’s North Wall at 11 p.m. on a Friday night,8 hour ferry crossing to Liverpool,2 hours train ride to Leeds,a few pints in the city centre,on to Elland Road and afterwards back to Dublin via the same route. We would get home about 6 a.m. Sunday morning in Dublin,and lunchtime in Galway.
Nowadays most fans do the day trip,early out of Dublin airport and return that night,its cheaper and less time consuming. During our time as a supporters club we formed links with Leeds United,and I helped out with the scouting in Ireland for a period,it was the time we got Kelly,Harte,McPhail,Maybury,but also missed out on Robbie and yes Roy Keane.They could have been Leeds players back in the late 80s/90s era,but they got away.
For more info on the participation of Leeds Fans in Ireland in Leeds United and how to get in contact with the various groups who travel regularly to Elland Road on a regular basis,visit our page on facebook,just type in West of Ireland Leeds United supporters,to date we have 2,660 Likes.



  1. As a Leeds lad I love that you Irish fans have stuck by the club when it would be so easy to walk away.
    You are a credit to our club.

  2. I grew up when Leeds were the team in Europe. ‘Super Leeds’ was English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh players. I’ll always believe Johnny Giles should have been manager. Heart-warming to know we fans of Leeds have life-long Irish fans o’er the pond. Up the Irish! Best wishes!


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