According to Ed Aarons, journalist for The Guardian, West Ham are interested in signing Pontus Jansson this summer.

Jansson has had a down year without Kyle Bartley but has still played at an above-average level. Southampton were reported to be in for the Swedish centre-back on numerous occasions, though they are far from certain to be in the Premier League next season.

Should Leeds do everything they can to keep Jansson, or cash in after a poor year by his standards?

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  1. If they offer £10-£15 milion we should snap there hands off.. he’s good but not replaceable,so cash in and go for Bartley and put some trust in O’Connor and saughnasey

  2. Let him go, says the bitter cynic in me.

    NO – I don’t want that … but it’s going to happen. Why? Because Chairman and his muppet Orta ONLY interested in money. And Heckinbottom hasn’t got a clue. I have defended him resolutely … until today. Team out – joke. Grot playing head of Saiz and Alioski? Has he seen Grot? I cannot think of one single positive thing he has done in any game. In a team or awful players and underachieving potential Grot has sunk to levels never before reached. And goal machine Ekuban is in. Roofe back on the wing – which we all know he can’t play (he should be playing – but up front). We have a CDM and winger at full back … with a full back on the bench. Beyond sad and painful.

    I don’t want Pontus to go … and I don’t want Pablo to go – but why should they stay in the midst of this clueless incompetence, mediocrity and abject failure? The team SHOULD be built around this pair + Forshaw, with Bartley back alongside Pontus.

    I’m going for a lie down!

  3. Well Nick you said it all and i bet there about 40,000 LUFC supporters who agree and we could all add to your comments but what’s the point seems all i do is moan about LU these days rant over.

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