After Charlie Taylor snaked Leeds and all us fans, it seemed like he was going to be rewarded with a trip to West Brom (sounds lovely). However, Karma works in mysterious ways and West Brom have said that they will only sign Taylor if they can agree a deal with Leeds. Given that has yet to happen, it’s not looking too rosy for him. Given that Taylor is set to be a free agent in a month or so, Leeds would obviously favour working out a deal with West Brom, so it should be pretty straight forward for them. The fact this deal is having any issues just seems quite ironic, you could even say Taylor deserves it.

The worst is yet to come, multiple reports over the past week or so are suggesting that Galatasary is an option for Charlie Taylor. If he does go there I think it’s safe to say he will become possibly the most hated player in our history, even more than Harry Kewell. Don’t do it Charlie.




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