If we’re talking stereotypes, maybe that should be ferrets and Yorkshire puddings instead. But Cellino has a point, we all think in stereotypes every now and again. As soon as he was hired, The Hock was immediately vilified for being, well, crap. Cellino was slandered as a crook. Junior Lewis just got loads of grief from everyone. BUT, the man has a plan. A ten year plan at that. So no, Daily Mail, we’re not Damned United any more.

Think about it. With the stereotypes of the club in the past, if Cellino was a Dragon and Sweary Joe (otherwise known as Neil Warnock) had brought the club into the Den for investment, what would Cellino have said? I reckon it might have gone a bit like this…. *Do your own imaginary Italian accent*

‘What the f*** is this s***? You bring me a failing club losing millions and you want how much?? F*** off, stop wasting my time’.

Wouldn’t even bother with the official ‘I’m out’ line.

BUT, the man has a plan.

I for one have been with Cellino, Hockaday and the team from day one, reading endless tweets, newspapers, magazines, Sky Sports and so on, but from watching the LUTV interviews with El Presidente and his Cappo Hockaday, I am now more convinced than ever that we are on the verge of something big…. Leeds Utd: European Giants. But let’s not get too carried away, it’s all part of the plan. Slow and steady wins the race, blah blah, you get the idea.

It’s Millwall next week and the start of the season. What have we seen so far? From the pre season games, I have seen a progression from long balls from defence to intricate passing and flair in our attack. Will we miss Number 44 this year? Who was no.44?? These young, hungry players we’ve brought on board seem to have the passion and appetite to win, reminds me of the young guns of the early Naughties in their fearless approach to playing. Smith, Mcphale, Milner, to name a few…. they played with belief and desire to win very 50/50 ball. Not to wax to lyrically about these, but some similarities can be drawn.

Now, with talk of Zam Benedict and Adryana Olivera Tavares looking likely to join the Mighty Whites, an AC Milan player and a young Brazilian from Rio, will this be the reinvention of the Young Guns?
Remember when we played AC Milan in the Champions League? They had 15 top professionals on their team sheet, we didn’t have more than 6 first team players listed, but we won 1-0. With young players. With this attitude, I reckon we can once again beat the likes of AC Milan and get cheated to a draw against the Mighty Barcelona.

So, is the 2014/15 season a step towards a return to the big time for us, or more Championship pain?

Will we score 3 points at Millwall as The Hock hopes? Who knows, but the more burning question is: WILL JUNIOR LEWIS EVER GET HIS MINI CHEDDARS?? #bigtime



  1. I like the idea of young hungry players, who by the way are not short of technical skill. I can’t wait to see how this new look Leeds will develope. Bring on Millwall mot.

  2. I am looking forward to this season,after last seasons inability to play football anything has to be better. I always believed that Brian McDermott put alot of players development back years and totally undermined their confidence. It will be a building process this season. We need to be patient but the future is looking alot better . MOT

    • I blame Colin more, he’s the guy that turned us into a hoofball team, against all Leeds tradition, signed a bunch of journeymen and undermined the confidence of our younger players.

      Leeds hating Chelsea owner and Leeds hating Sheffield united manager the nightmare combination.

  3. We are now at the point of lets get right behind everyone at the club. I think we will see five more in by the end of August and some out also. I really enjoyed Saturday and we have moved on so much from Chesterfield. That pass to Tongue from Bianchi to set up the goal was just delicious and I can’t remember seeing anything like that for bloody ages. All the usual hacks will write us off because they haven’t a clue about the players coming in. We may not get it all right during some of the August games but as long as progress is made who knows where this season will take us.

  4. At last positivity from the Leeds faithful. Been a long time since we heard it. “Young, hungry and talented” players. I never saw any of this comming 12 months ago and now MC is trying to buy “our home” back do Pre seasons get any better. MOT.


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