This is just a simple poll so I can get an idea of what the majority want, I will then do an article accordingly. Cheers! [polldaddy poll=8907797]



  1. The place we need to strengthen most is not on this list. We need an owner/owners who are not mentally ill and who care about the club. Currently we seem to have a NUTJOB who owns 75% of the club.

  2. There is no option 4 a new chairman please add it 2 your poll so that we have a proper view of what the real and loyal fans wont.

  3. Spot on Clive sir… The place we need to strengthen most is not on this list.

    Please add more options for a true and fair result.

    owner/owners is a good start.

  4. negativity breads. yes we r all sick of the shit on and especially of the field probably for the last 12/13 yeqrs, but im a firm believer that good fortune will come back and then we have to keep that good feeling going when it does.

    • I’m not normally a negative person. I’ve supported Leeds and gone to most of their home games for the last 10 years. I’ve been to both play-off finals etc etc. The reason I’m negative towards Cellino is the way he does things (i.e. the wrong way). Slagging off Redfearn in public was the icing on the cake for me. Even if Leeds are promoted this season I’d still like to see Cellino leave and be replaced be someone who knows how to behave respectfully. I initially liked Cellino but how wrong I was. I missed 4 games last season that I could have gone to because of Cellino. This is the first time I’ve missed any games apart from other commitments.


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