Okay so, this isn’t the top 10 ever, just the top 10 of my lifetime otherwise it’s easy and it would be full of players Revie signed!


10. David Batty

Technically this is a cop-out, but seeing as we re-signed Batts 1998 I thought I would include him, David enjoyed 2 spells at Elland Road and was a fans favourite throughout, originally coming the academy, Batty played a key role in Leeds 89-90 promotion team and went on to be part of the formidable midfield that won us the league championship in 1992. Batts returned in 98 and played a key role for Leeds in our brief flirt with trophies before retiring after we were relegated.



  1. It’s a cop out alright.
    Batts was a tough team player and a fabulous guy to be in ant team but could never have been a Leeds Great.
    Sorry I can’t agree with this.

    • Sorry Jeff, …. Batty may not have been a midfield genius, but can anyone ever remember him having a bad game or ever giving less than 110%. He was one of those rare players who did all the hard work, rarely made a mistake, and provided the freedom for others to claim the glory. …. Without doubt, he was one of the greatest players to ever wear our shirt . I would give anything for another Batty today, this would allow some of our emerging midfield talent the take the game to the opposition far more effectively.

    • Jeff, I’m assuming you watched Batts play a few times. If you did and you don’t appreciate what he brought to a team you really don’t understand much about football. In particular what he brought to Leeds by allowing McAllister, Strachan & Speed to play (and take the plaudits) was vital in our resurgence. I’m constantly amazed at how many football fans didn’t appreciate Batty but from one of our own fans??? It was no coincidence that 4 successive England managers consistently picked him.
      Assuming he qualifies for this list (on the technicality that we re-signed him) the only surprise is that he is not much higher up.
      If you are a Leeds fan and you don’t appreciate David Batty you should be having a serious word with yourself!

  2. Too hard to choose, rod Wallace, Chris fairclough, Mel sterland, tony dorigo and Michael bridges could go in that list too.

    Hell Ferdinand & cantona too, although they did go to THEM

  3. Good job. Of course Batty is a Leeds great! Should be higher up the list if anything. It’s only a cop out in the sense he was home grown but yes his signing back was excellent work – he made the team tick and when he was injured it showed. Got to agree on WGS as the top man.

  4. Difficult subject. cant argue with most of your choices but you did say since the Revie era. No Duncan McKenzie?, No Tony Currie?,

  5. Spot on with WGS. Dont think we will ever see another David Batty though as the way the game has gone tackling is a dieing art form. Remember going to games simply looking forward to him coming off the bench when he was breaking into the team. How many players would you pay to see just to make tackles? Just Batty I’d say. He was a master of sliding tackles, never dirty, always took the ball first, then maybe the man afterwards :-). He was a breath of fresh air, and his style and attitude was a perfect fit for Leeds. WGS and Batts probably my all time fav players

  6. No Peter Haddock in this list? His defensive performances in the promotion year of 89/90 were pivotal to our success. A true unsung hero!

  7. Cantona would have been the best if only Wilko real;ised it unfortunately he had more ego than Wilko so one had to go

  8. Liked the player too but read his book n wot a shit attitude ! And as a senior player so negative try doing a proper job n having to work to 65+ !


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