Time to go two up front for Leeds?


It’s safe to say that 4-2-3-1 has gone past its sell-by date at Leeds. Lasogga goes from looking like a BTEC version of Mark Viduka to Enoch Showumni but the results on the whole stay the same, Leeds lose. To be fair to Christiansen, he hasn’t had many other strikers to choose from. Caleb Ekuban picked up an injury that has kept him out since the Sunderland win. Jay-Roy Grot looks like he needs to go out on loan to learn to use some of his massive frame.

One thing that can’t be defended is the lack of using Roofe up the middle, he’s clearly not a winger and performs much better when playing as a striker or just behind. When he and Hernandez came on against Brentford the performance was so much better, only to be ruined again when he pushed Roofe out wide for Grot. Now that Ekuban is back, we have options and an international break to work on a new formation.

We may be surprised, Lasogga may excel with a partner next to him, whether that be Roofe or Ekuban. It seems going back to basics may help Leeds given everything they do seems to go wrong at the minute, so a 4-4-2 may work. Although with the way our defence is playing, they might need to play three at the back. The argument for 4-4-2 is that everyone knows their role, we could get Dallas back in the side with Ronaldo Vieira and Kalvin Phillips in the middle and just try to grind out a win or two. Whereas with 3-5-2 we could let Ayling play as the right centre-back like he did at Bristol City, play Dallas at RWB and Alioski at LWB like he does for his country.

If Leeds come out against Boro and play the exact same formation and style and we lose, that may well be the last we see of Christiansen. We came out flat after the last international break, we need that to change this time. Let us know what you think, should Leeds change formation?



  1. I’ve said on your post weeks ago that we should play 4 4 2 …I’m no football manager but it’s not rocket science the formation Christensen is sticking by just isn’t good enough so let’s get back to tried and tested football as boring as it may be and start climbing the table before it’s too late. MOT

  2. So far with Ayling playing as centerback he has done well! So go 3.5.2.Im still not sure about about Pontus especially after that penalty a reckless challenge! maybe Shaugnessy and Cooper.LWB Dallas or Alioski,RWB Beradi,


  3. The loss of Bartlet and Green has been immense, Green should have stayed with money spent on an experienced center back and a decent replacement for Wood. All these new continental players with the notable exception of Saiz just don’t cut it. We should already know this following the past recruitment of a shed load of Italian players, only Berradi has stayed and made the grade.

  4. I’ve been banging the drum for a change to a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formation for weeks now, especially as we do not have a recognised LB, other than CBJ, and poor PML is just what it says on the label … we have little pace in the team, which must be rectified asap and some of the fringe players have more than what’s usually on offer.

    For me, in January, all three loan players could / should be sent back to their parent clubs … Pennington doesn’t offer anything that Conor Shaughnessy couldn’t do, CBJ is either out injured or looks as though he doesn’t want to be here and Pierre-Michel was a god idea to replace Chris Wood, but, not much else to say other than he brings the Leeds United disease out into the open, lump it up to the big man. Give Ekuban the same opportunity as he’s had. As soon as the transfer window opens, VO needs to go to Swansea, cap in hand and with a fistful of AR’s dosh, pay what they want to get Kyle Bartley back to ER, and on his way, make a diversion to find a specialist LB.

  5. We have to go two up front but not Lasoga,when he gets in goal he hasnt a clue. Time for Ekuban to have a run and ply foofe just behind. Kalvin philips is a red card in waiting.Hernandes has to play every game from now look how the urgency of the game wentup ten fold wen he came on.Time to stop tinkering T.C. 442 for 5 games nothing to loose cos we are dreadful at the mo.

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