Once upon a time there was a team called Leeds United. They were one of the biggest clubs in the world and had trophies and a team to match. Years passed and throughout these years more and more evil money grabbing chairmen came into power at Leeds and only thought about themselves and the money they could make on the behalf of Leeds and their fans. Yes they may have initially saved the beautiful club but they were never in it for the right reasons. Over the past few years, the fans and the club have suffered from other evil chairmen and money mad men. Their obsession is trying to get their hands on Leeds and their riches. They tempt the beautiful Leeds with offers of money, chances to buy new players and to get Leeds ‘back to where they ought to be’. However, every time the fairy tale seems to have found it’s prince charming, they are seen in their true colours and back out at the last minute, leaving Leeds hanging by a string and the fans feeling lost and helpless. It’s just a never ending story.

It just doesn’t make any sense, why do potential buyers come in at a time when Leeds has the opportunity to buy or loan players to make the club stronger. This stops the current owner’s spending money as they don’t want to spend more money when they think that they soon will have nothing to do with the club they cared oh so much about. Leeds through and through. Ha, It’s a joke! And we are becoming an even bigger one. Why can Leeds not find a chairman like Middlesbrough’s Steve Gibson, who loves the club, the town and the fans and wants nothing more than for HIS club to succeed. Leeds are now stuck with ideas and rumours of potential buyers hanging over the club, a manager who doesn’t know if he will have a job if the club gets bought out and no money to spend on players before the end of the transfer window. Promotion contenders? Not this year, yet again. It’s a sad, sad tale.

What will become of Leeds United? Will a prince appear and save this beautiful Yorkshire flower or are they destined to be forgotten, a mid-table Championship club and controlled by evil money grabbing wizards?

Report by Chris Wilkinson



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