After a season of mediocrity the hard work at Leeds United must start now. There are question marks over a high number of players at the club and those question marks need to be answered. With a number of players out of contract and others simply not good enough there is a feeling that a high turnover is required to take Leeds United forward. Personally there’s about 6 players that I would keep, but I think that we will keep many more than that. Following on from Massimo Cellino’s comments to Adam Pope after the last game of the season I don’t believe we will see a mass amount of incomings and outgoings but enough to make the club stable. I would take that, after two seasons of feeling that I have wasted my time with the club, anything to make me feel that the club is improving and building something would be a good thing for me.


The outgoings are big debate amongst Leeds fans at the present time with some people going as far as saying they would clear everyone bar McCormack. A bit extreme but if we want to start building a team to go for promotion then there aren’t that many who are obvious to keep. The incomings is kind  of difficult to judge because we don’t know how much we will have to spend or what Cellino is thinking regarding investment to the playing squad.


Out of the players that I want to stay I would obviously say McCormack, he’s had a an amazing season, top goalscorer in the championship playing in that team is just an absolutely phenomenal statement. Sam Byram has had a difficult season through injuries but he’s a good player and will definitely do us a job at right back. Jason Pearce has had a good solid season, despite not being the most technically gifted footballer he gives 100% week in week out and will put his head in where it hurts and I think he is unquestionably our best defender. Luke Murphy is a player who has great potential and if you play him in the right role then he can be a great player for the team and come up with some important displays. Alex Mowatt, well, the jury is out on him for me, he’s only young though so I think it’s important to give him a chance and see what he can do for us next season. Matt Smith has had an absolutely brilliant first season in the championship for me. When you consider how long he has been a professional and where he’s come from then his improvement this season has been amazing and all credit to him for that, he kept improving and scoring the goals and to be honest his partnership with McCormack just works so I think it’s important to keep him and see where they can take their partnership.


Now there are players like Paddy Kenny, Stephen Warnock, Cameron Stewart that are undoubtedly decent players but have under performed for us, do we give them another shot or just clear out the mess and start again? It’s a very tough question and one that needs answering with some sort of statement of intent or just news that work on the player turnover has begun.


Another important question is what’s happening with Brian McDermott? That, at the minute is more important than anything because it gives us an idea which way Massimo wants to take the club. For me, personally, I do believe in Cellino and think he will do good for us and take us forward by building a better club all round. What’s your thoughts on all this? Who do you want to see leave the club and who, realistically do you want us to buy? Let us know on here or on twitter. Thanks for reading.



  1. I would like to see Brian given the chance to perform next season – he has done it and with the way he has had to cope I feel the club has let him down (as well as us!). For that reason alone he should be given a year to at least consolidate – by which time we would know where we are going longer term (and only one year on his contract if going in the wrong direction). Personally I think he would come good.

  2. I think you’re bang on with the six you’ve earmarked as wanting to keep. And I agree with your comments on the other three. I like Warnock and Cameron Stewart has his moments but is that enough? If we keep Paddy Kenny it should be as a second-string. For my money the rest can go and we rebuild.

  3. Agree with some of your comments
    kenny is now past his best and his weight looks a problem to me
    Byram has paid the price of a heavy first season 55 games is a lot
    Wooton simply not good enough he seems to lose concentration far too much
    Lees for some reason has not progressed this season seems intent on kicking the ball has high upfield as possible
    Pearce he has to stay 2nd to mcCormack this season
    Warnock too slow
    Austin too much inconsistancy
    Murphy must be played in his best roll will be an absolute gem
    Mowett will be better with better players around him he is still a learner
    White he must go
    Brown keep as a bit player/coach
    Tongue enough said
    Smith had a great season
    McCormack must be kept at all costs.
    Hunt cant understand how he has played this season surly he has to be better than this
    Stewart has to get fitter give him another season
    Dawson killock taylor turner boys should be given a chance during the season say cup games to start
    Players in if possible
    McCarther wigan
    Sidwell fulham
    Strikers anybody who can score sharpe ect
    These are just a few

  4. Agree with the 6. McCormack, Byram, Pearce, Smith, Mowatt, Murphy are all solid moving forward.

    As to your other point I’d ship off Kenny and Warnock simply because of their wages could be better applied elsewhere. Stewart i’d keep for now simply because he’s young and probably on a decently low enough wage and shows glimpses of being truly dangerous(if nothing else off the bench late in a game once people are tired?)

    Austin i still see value to, just not as an every week starter. You can see him just start to get tired as the season moves on (i think because of his work rate), but i could see him in the game day 18 on the bench and or starter to give rest to the regulars.

    Zaliukas I’d also keep in the same capacity(assuming he’d take a decently low wage), good squad player to have on the bench/cover for injuries/start the odd game to rest.

    Danny Pugh(once again assuming his wage can be kept low enough) i’d keep as a squad guy too, just hearing about him on the training pitch and seeing him step in when being called upon he’s a true professional despite the flak he gets and i think he’d be good around the clearly younger squad we’re trying to build.

    There’s also a few kids being Dawson, Taylor, etc.. that i think deserve a chance but we can go on all day about that so i’m not including them yet.

    I know its not possible but i’d keep the 10 i just mentioned and ship the rest, I’m in the school of thought that we really should only have 20-21 true “senior professionals”(quality over quantity right) and if injuries happen that’s what our academy and development squad is for especially on our budget. Also you never know when a kid gets called up to fill in an injury and thrives in the “baptism by fire” if you will.

  5. I would definitely allow seven of the eight of out contract players leave … Ashdown – Cairns – Drury – Pugh – Green – Diouf – Varney but, maybe, keep Michael Brown as back-up and possible coach. In addition, decisions must also be made to some of the more senior Academy players who’s contracts are coming to an end, some of whom have been out on loan. Are they good enough to progress, or not, if not release them.

    Decisions also need to be made with the likes of Morison, Peltier, who have indicated they would prefer to be elsewhere … David Norris should also be added to the list to be officially transfer listed … if necessary, at giveaway prices. I would also transfer list … Lees – Zaliukas – White – Warnock – Thompson.

    As far as incomings are concerned, I would be happy to leave those decisions to Massimo Cellino and Brian McDermott.

    • I agree 2 release young players if not good enough but only with clauses if they move frm the club they been released to frm Leeds then Leeds get a percent in the sale the player move to if letting young players go for nothing don’t want 2 do a grayson just let players go 4 nothing & no profit.

  6. I hope BM Stays as he’s not really had a chance to prove himself, Im hoping MC does see the dead wood at Elland Road and the ones hanging around for the money. We need strength in all areas of the field and need a solid hard leader who takes no prisoners. MC Will see this and I personally think not a lot of money needs to be spent, quality not quantity for a change

  7. No 4 me BM has 2 go didn’t have a plan 2 change things up against the bigger teams & lost 2 many against the lower teams the old saying if u can’t win don’t lose meaning draw if can’t win & BMAC didn’t lost 2many games i wouldn’t trust BMAc with bring in players if hunt is owt 2 go by his reading mate.
    it’s now about time Leeds got a decent manager in the club again that’s tactical minded i’d like roberto Di matteo gus poyet or Malky Mackay in if not bring o’leary back at least he knows how 2 bring young talent through into first team.


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