Surprising stat suggests Lasogga has been better than fans think


Lasogga definitely splits opinions among fans. Sometimes he looks like a lesser version of Mark Viduka, then he’ll follow that up with a zero-effort game that makes him look more like Richard Cresswell. However, this stat goes a long way to supporting his cause…

There’s a distinct possibility that Lasogga is being let down by terrible service. If you think about it, he hasn’t missed that many opportunities. The Brentford game was clearly poor from him, but other than that in games he’s struggled he hasn’t had any sort of good service. If you exclude Saiz, none of the forward players have been playing anywhere near levels they are capable of recently.

Last season with Chris Wood, he quite often won us games by taking his one and only chance. If he didn’t score in a game, he wasn’t that noticeable. Lasogga clearly isn’t at Wood’s level as of yet, but he’s not the sort of player that will be buzzing around influencing the game at the half-way line. Having three assists in his limited time in Leeds is actually a decent haul, combined with his five goals.

It’s interesting to see in that list of players, other than Saiz, they all take a lot of stick from fans. That’s worth thinking about.

Let us know what you think about Lasogga, is he the problem or is he being given a rough deal?



  1. I have travelled from abroad and seen Lasogga 6 times at Elland Road this season. I do not understand the massive critics from the booboys. Atmosphere has been ok at Elland Road, no embarrasing whistling at him. I even think he was very good against Derby. The problem is support. Given the support from the wings and midfield, Lasogga will score a lot, even if he doesn’t run his socks of during games. The booboys should rather come to the ground and support the team rather than moaning behind a computer.

    Marching on…

  2. Lassoga is a quality player, who is to 100% match fit yet.
    Moved to a new country and a hard League, and he has proved his is a real goalscorer.
    He and Samu have been the best signings this Summer.
    The rest have been a waste of money.

  3. Well said Viking, Orta made is mistake in letting Green go and not replacing Taylor and Barkley, the other players would have tried better with the defense as good as last season.
    I travel up from Nottingham so I am giving it a rest till they sort themselves out.


  4. Useless player, no work rate and no quality. For him to shine the other 10 would have to support him full time and not have time to much else.

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