Another disappointing performance from Steve Evans’ Leeds United, a 1-0 defeat away to QPR. Leeds had one shot on target all game which simply isn’t good enough for a Leeds United team. Evans wasn’t shying away from another inept performance from his squad.

Evans: “At this minute the players don’t befit the supporters – in totality, not in terms of individuals. We’ve got gifted individuals.

“It’s the loudest I’ve been, the angriest I’ve been. There’s a responsibility of playing properly for Leeds United.

“You don’t work five days a week on passing and moving and then watch them put it in the air. We can’t wait until the last 10 minutes to get the ball down, pass it, have some urgency and play the way we should.”

When asked about the fans reaction at the end of the game, Evans said: “They’re entitled to not pull any punches. It’s a disappointing day. Players have let themselves down and the supporters.

“If there’d been 6,000 tickets here we’d have sold 6,000. That’s who they’ve let down.”

Despite the defeat, Evans still believes he is the right man for the job, but doesn’t feel his squad is good enough for a top 10 finish. “When I get opportunity to get my toolbox sorted out, I’ll be more than alright for them (the fans).

“Rosler was targeting top 10. I’m not too sure that’ll be happening. I need to get some tools in my toolbox to make it happen.”



  1. Do QPR have better players have QPR invested more. How much would it cost to get a striker like Charlie Adams. Who is to blame for Leeds bring in this situation?

  2. We need a new team.
    Austin had a free header, same as last week’s game.
    We could have had Austin but we picked his strike partner, Billy Paynter instead!!
    We could have lost 4 or 5 nil today.
    The defence, and midfield is a disgrace, so the forwards live on crumbs.
    My heart goes out to the travelling fans!!!!!!

  3. We got Chris woods the legend goal machine what can I say about him can shoot can’t head a ball can not beat any body in the air if he’s all we have we are relegated worse side I’ve seen in years

  4. Surely the first thing that Evans sould do, come the January transfer window, is to get rid of WOOD for whatever we can get for him, about 50 pence is his value. Then bring in someone who can actually finish off moves. There is little point in Dallas and Botaka sending in crosses for that muppet to miss open goals , week in week out.

  5. So Evans says we lost because we don’t have a six yard striker. Isn’t that what Billy Sharp was?. Twice the striker that Chris Wood could ever hope to be.

  6. The QPR game has sealed Wood’s fate…Erwin has to start up front an Botaka has to start every game as well as Dallas..Liam Cooper is working his socks off yet midfield are ball shy..There was no leeds player who should have the cheek to accept their salary this week…and maybe this is the bottom line if you do not get 7 in the stats then your salary is forfeit…


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