It is being widely reported that Steve Clarke is now the number one target for the Leeds United job. Oscar Garcia was considered to be the number one target but he joined Watford today, leaving what seems like a lack of options.

Clarke’s CV sticks out ahead of the rest, with Swindon manager as second favourite with the bookies, you can see what I mean.

I think Steve Clarke would be a class appointment, but I’m sure he’ll want a very long list of assurances from Cellino. If Cellino manages to pull this great coup off and appoint Clarke, he needs to let him get on with it and give him time. We won’t get much better at this level.



  1. There is more to come out about why Sannino left Watford. Going from being very happy two days before to stating he couldn’t take them any further! They look very capable of promotion this season. Lack of perceived support in the transfer window? If he can get the Leeds team playing like he has Watford, I would be very happy to see him appointed.

  2. At least we should get someone with some experience. The wild Hockaday experiment should not be repeated. Has soon has he goes, 11 men stay on the pitch, Leeds win a match. New players coming in by the boat load. Hopefully, team will gel as soon as possible. Clarke a good choice, the ex Watford guy. All I say is let Leeds get someone who can get a plan B, C etc together. No more hoof ball, the rigid diamond.

    Next thing the President needs to sort out after decent manager is buy the gorund and sort out training gorund issue.

    • Dont you think that he may need a bit of time to catch his breath? He has been brilliant so far. We are all impatient and want everything at once. I think thst he should have a fxxxxxx big medal pinned to his chest. We all think that it just happens, but there has been a huge amount of effort that has gone into all the changes! Wonderful times ahead. Get Steve Clark on board. Note ascwell thst Cellino works very well with some people, somthere is nonreason why his relationship with Clark shouldnt be very good. Cellino just needs to stop discussing players and managers in public.


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