It’s rare to go a game at Elland Road without hearing some variation on Sky TV being…bad. Leeds fans far and wide have to stump up the extra cost when their travel arrangements are moved without adequate notice.

Statistics released today by the brilliant @KieranMaguire better known as ‘PriceOfFootball’ on Twitter underlines just why Leeds are so frustrated at the broadcaster’s actions.

These figures exemplify how Leeds truly get the rum end of the deal when it comes to television rights. With just a 22% share of income but a seemingly greater proportion of games televised…it all seems a little unfair? 9 out of Leeds opening 17 games were televised, to which the YEP reported Leeds would gain just £460,000 in return.

This is not to mention the FA Cup game just gone that was moved to an inconvenient Sunday 2pm kick-off for ‘television purposes’ and yet wasn’t available in the UK.
All Leeds fans ask for is to see some return for their troubles. The gap in revenue between the Premier League and Championship continues to grow, how long is it before whether you’ve had a slice of television money is the main determinant on whether you can compete?

This is not simply on Sky’s doorstep. For the Football League to have negotiated such a sorry deal, aswell as broadcasting the highlights show on Quest (alongside other great sports shows such as Takeshi’s Castle and Catchphrase), questions have to be asked about their motivations.

One suggestion that’s been made is Sky providing a bursary for travelling fans if they have had to re-arrange travel or accommodation in the event of a fixture being moved. The cost to them would be a relative drop in the ocean and would be the most simple of gestures to the fans they take for granted.



  1. Going over from Ireland on Friday morning but had already booked flights and hotel for Saturday match. Now we have to fly to Manchester on Friday morning and get a train to Leeds, also have to stay an extra night in a hotel. Cost us dearly but I do it for the love of the best football club in the world.


  2. Well done for your invaluable support Pat … you deserve better, and along with many others, you should be able to bill Murdoch for your additional costs. Imo, Sky are nothing but a disgrace and cannot be allowed to continue with their cavalier attitude to LUFC and it’s fans.

    • Thanks for your kind words JDC. It will be all worth it when we bag the 3 points tomorrow night.


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