What was that? I’ll probably get abused for saying all this but my word. That was one of the worst performances I’ve seen by a keeper, only beaten by Rachubka. The first goal for Bristol City, beaten at his near post which is just massively average. However the second goal is where it’s at. What on earth was that? A corner, comes to Silvestri with not much power on it and he palms it straight back into the box and they score. One of the worst pieces of keeping I’ve ever seen, the fact that it was the 95th minute and it made it 2-2 when we were 2-0 up in the 89th minute just makes it more painful.

To be fair, after the Doncaster game I wanted Turnbull to play, he commands his box and collects crosses like all good keepers should do. Silvestri cannot catch the simplest of crosses and puts us under immediate danger. People’s only defence of him is that he’ll get better, well, he hasn’t since he’s been here in that department. Yeah he’s a decent shot-stopper but so are most keepers, but a keepers job is more than just shot-stopping. Silvestri cannot do the basics and until he can he shouldn’t be playing for Leeds. I can’t say Turnbull is amazing but I know he can do the basics and he won’t put us under unnecessary pressure.

Another thing from last night, why drop Liam Cooper after he puts in a class performance and we get a clean sheet? Mental. So feel free to abuse me for this if you want but if you really think about it I’m sure you’ll see that Silvestri needs dropping. People may say we’re unbeaten but we’ve drawn 3 games and got 3 points, we really need to win on Saturday now otherwise it’s been a poor start to the season. Ross Turnbull has to start.



  1. Said for some time now that Silvestri is a weak keeper, no command of his area,flaps at everything, poor distribution .the only saving grace is his shot stopping which is good. Needs some time on the bench so he can sit back and watch how real keepers go about their work.

  2. Agree totally. However, in recent years have we ever been able to sit on a lead? We lose possession too easily, especially after good opening spells, and defending, although improving, is rather suspect. It is time to give Turnbull a chance

  3. Totally agree. Silvo nèds to take a back seat for a while until he can.prove he can do the keeper basics. I like Rosler but I too wonder why Cooper was not playing.

  4. Totally agree, but then I thought Turnbull should have been in goal at the start of the season! Cooper in for me too and Wooton is liability and think he would struggle to get in at Guiseley!

  5. !00% agree with both points ie re Silvestri and Cooper! Also,why is Byram looking so disinterested? Sack the “Charlton six”!!!!

  6. Rosler must take some of the blame with his team selection…..he says some players are tired…….so why bring them on as subs? Wooton shouldn’t be even on the bench never mind a starter. Stop rotating like he did at Wigan and play your best eleven to start. Why bring on Mowatt for Mirco …….why not use Erwin……he has not kicked a ball in anger but has kept the bench warm for four games. Beradi should have started along with Cooper…….Rosler needs to get his act together or ship out.

  7. I’ve seen Joe Hart, Buffon, De Gea and Cech all beaten at their near posts and drop crosses so do you think they are all “massively average” as well? Its easy to denigrate and scapegoat players – it helps to damage their self belief – is that what you want? Tom Lees is a recent example of what supporters like you can do to players. Look at him now.

    From this and your past comments I reckon your “problem” is that you don’t want any Italian players in the team.

    • I don’t think me writing this will mean that Silvestri cannot catch the ball, that’s his problem. I like Antenucci and he’s Italian so there you go.

  8. Don’t think anyone one can argue that Silvestri prefers to punch the ball away rather than catch it, if you do that, you’ve only a certain amount of control to where the ball goes, the opposition will always work on weaknesses, on the side Uwe picked its common knowledge with the games we have had he has rotated the squad in the best way he can, we all know in certain area’s where short i.e. LB, LW and RW but also midfield Murphy on his way back from injury and Bianci injured and Cook suspended, so we have to back Uwe in his decision making, some players maybe carrying knocks that we don’t know about. MOT

  9. Totally agree. Turnbull in for Silvestri, Cooper in for Bellusci, Beradi in for Wooton. Don’t be apologetic about stating your opinion. Furthermore, most posters on here agree with you.

  10. If Silvestri cannot catch a ball now he never will. He may be the best goal stopper in the world but being a damn good all rounder and consistent is what we need. Turnbull must be brought in on Saturday. I’m sick and tired of the way we throw games away.
    Rosler needs to wake up. You field your best side and you keep it until you are certain of the outcome. All said, I think we will finish in the top ten, but forget promotion, its still a Pipedream.

  11. Liverpool did it and there keeper came back better than ever maybe silvestri would up his game if he had to fight for his place


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