Watching the live stream on Facebook today of the first press conference for both Victor Orta and Thomas Christiansen, I realised this is what a normal football club must feel like. These are media trained professionals giving answers to fit that bill. When Cellino came in and promised us the world in his press conference, including buying back Elland Road, promotion by 2016 and all sorts more, people were taken in by it. We thought this is what we need, someone who’s going to get stuff done. One problem, he was a serial liar and did pretty much none of what he promised. So when I saw people commenting on Facebook that they were underwhelmed or even annoyed at the lack of ambition, I was amazed. Have people really not learned their lessons from Cellino? Actions speak louder than words.

Victor Orta suggested working within a budget, he didn’t say what that budget was, because why would he? That was interpreted by many as him admitting that we’ve hardly got enough money to pay the electric bill. It seems some wanted him to say we’ve got £25m to spend, this is what we’re going to spend it on. Well, that would have been stupid as every club would then know to charge us more for a player. As I said, actions speak louder than words and by August, it’s quite likely we’ll know whether Radrizzani, Orta and co are doing a good job. For all we know we could sign Jonny Howson tomorrow and everyone would think we’re winning the league by Christmas.

It’s time to embrace the fact we’re becoming a more normal football club, we have the upper management set up for the first time in years. Cellino’s team consisted of a furniture salesman and a dwarf, we’re light-years ahead of that now. Our new manager has brought his coaching staff with him, including a goalkeeping coach that has his own app

and website Interesting to say the least. Whether you agree with the managerial appointment or not, he’s here now, so get behind him like only Leeds fans can.



  1. Not impressed with regards to what Orta said about Wood. What he really meant is that they will probably sell Wood and maybe Vieira in order to raise funds for transfers, so it seems to me that the owner isn’t going to spend any of the Billion pounds that he has and he’s just another Cellino. Can’t see us going up this season.

    • Viera signed a 4 year contract. Why would they sell him? They have a budget, that means money in place. They have no reason to recoup money they haven’t lost by selling the championships biggest asset. Wood will make them more money than they could sell him for tenfold if we go up. Its business and rads is a smart guy.

  2. A very sensible article. The trouble is people spend too much time reading Premiership news about maybe six clubs and their ridiculous player affordability.
    Wake up guys, Leeds are in the Championship where financial budgets are critical to survival and there is little money outside gate receipts.
    Let’s just enjoy being normal and see where it takes us. Championship clubs rely on loan players and smart deals in the player market.
    Personally I am optimistic.

  3. Nobody should buy a Football club if they do not have the money to take it forward!
    examples = Mr Bates ; GFH : Mr Cellino : Mr Radz???
    Buying the ground for £15 million or so, is good for the owners but does nothing for the team.
    The squad should be no 1 priority.
    Promotion should be the No 1 target -or what is the point?
    We must give the new owner a chance to show us he has a plan, and budget to invest in the squad.
    Our squad is even weaker than last season, just now.
    I feel a bit flat after yesterday’s news conference.
    The only way is up!!


  4. I see no reason why we should not be in next season’s play offs. The demoted teams look quite poor and only Brentford of the up-and-comings bother me. I think Villa are depressed. So, it is as you were for the top six minus the promoted ones but with us and the Bees in their place. The players will feel refreshed by a change in management and they now know – or should – that it pays just to gor it when in doubt. I expect to see a Sacko unleashed, a midfield minus Bridcutt and a left-sided player with umphf. I don’t mind if Bellusci’s back to partner Jannson too – but I’d prefer Bartley.


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