It is fair to say that over the years, Leeds have been linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry about, but this season we might actually bring some of them in.

There has been little in the way of stone-cold deals going through (bar the apparent Warnock move to Derby), however there has been a fair few rumours flying about. It is clear to us fans where we need to strengthen, but whether or not those in charge of signing the players agree is a different matter entirely.

This article will be used to give my personal assessment on some of the players we have been linked with. I will also include some fans opinions for each player that I gained from our favourite social media platform, Twitter.



  1. Its hard going back he was a legend when he left, if he didnt produce the goods he would get hammered on the other hand if he did he would be more of a legend, remember seeing him first time wi beckford and them 2 clicked straight sway and was an awesome partnership for us, got promoted nd everyone including myself thought he would struggle with out his what shirt am i wearing brov, proved us all wrong and proved himself to be a lone striker, legend would love him back

  2. I for 1 have stopped listing to who we are signing as it is a waste of time , we fans are running out of patience with all the crap being waffled ABOUT , EVEN WHEN THE MANAGER SAYS we will have players in before Bolton game and low and behold not 1 player through the doorand at least 3 players out .

    • remember howard bringing in lee chapman well whatys not to like about becchio coming back
      could kick start our season.

  3. lets look at this logically we are at the bottom end of the championship our defence record is bad our attack does not have backup we are a club trying to climb the table would you as a top player come here NO we have the makings of a good team but their young no experiance if bechio was to say yes we should welcome him with open arms the midfield needs sorting out we need a settled 11 players who can work and learn from each other and play together i honestly cannot see any good players coming here as yet but we live in hope can someone be honest please is there anybody in the pipe line because im sick of all these names being pulled out of the hat and empty promises.

  4. Luciano beccio ! Two reasons we want him cause he’s better than berbatov and he scores more goals just yo hear that ringing in th stands might get the team back on track

  5. Another window, same old same old from the clowns at Leeds. Redfearn bangs on about the list of players he gave Cellino, what have we got ? El Presidente still in Miami, no mention , apart from media speculation of players coming in, and one of our most experienced defenders rumoured to be on his way out the door. It could only happen at Leeds

  6. I wonder weather another week will be wasted and pass without anything happening yet again, just like last week.
    I really now think that Leeds bringing in new players during this current transfer embargo is practically impossible, with wages a big problem also and all of the daily hype about new players coming in, is just to keep the long suffering Leeds fans onside.
    The way things are going, I would be shocked if new signings are made in time for the Birmingham game and if not as usual the same stale players will take their usual positions and fail as usual.

  7. cellino needs to stop running us like a euro team by tht i mean get a manager not a coach and let them buy players, everyone he has bought is a bad as what we had before including adryan

  8. players going out none coming in same all the time this club is sinking ,cellino please tell the fans what are you going to do. you said we would be in prem in 2 years more like leg 2

  9. There has been a long affinity with Australians playing fr Leeds over the years….the Asian cups on at the mo. cellino should be looking at a bloke called loungo and leckie… ones a midfielder onesa winger…class young and hungry….playing for Swindon and div 2 in Germany…..stars of the future….heard it here first


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