The big news out of Leeds United at the moment is that Billy Sharp is on his way back to England from Austria so he can hold talks with Sheffield United over a move. This has been an ongoing rumour throughout the summer and at times it seemed that Jamie Murphy may be coming here as part of a swap deal but that no-longer appears to be the case. For me, this turns the deal from sensible to stupid, we have worse strikers in our squad than Sharp and Murphy would have been a great signing for us, we desperately need a winger.

The longer the summer goes on the more impatient fans seem to be getting at the lack of a wide-player being brought in. It has been a decent summer, mainly due to keeping all of our great young players (so far). However the signing of Chris Wood becomes a bit pointless if we sign no creative players to fit in behind him. It has been reported today that Leeds are no-longer interested in Raphael Martinho, a winger currently at Catania.

In slightly strange circumstances, Jerome Thomas, who played for Leeds on-loan briefly under Neil Warnock, caused a slight stir on Twitter today. He’s only ever tweeted 10 times but today he replied to a fan and suggested a return to Leeds could happen.

I might just be getting desperate but given our current situation I would definitely give Thomas a one-year-contract, he’s got pace and can go past people easily. For me he is easily good enough for this level despite not playing too much in recent times.

What is for sure is that we need at least one more signing if not two, and there’s not too many rumours doing the rounds at the moment. Hopefully something comes out of the blue like Adeyemi did.



    • Best option so far yorxman … Buckley could be the icing on the cake, and he’s what 25 going on 26 a far better option than either Pennant or Thomas … not sure about Thomas, he couldn’t wait to get out when he was here last time and Pennant just doesn’t do it for me.

  1. yes Will Buckley would be the best choice ..AND To the Author,hand on..I am pretty sure there will be a player to fit your description soon..let not panic..Rosler knows what he’s doing..he knows Leeds need that Player in that role..even Byram can fit there but im sure we will soon see a new Player to fit into that Wide-Side

  2. he knows don’t panic lol..let wait another week

    ” In terms of numbers we probably have one or two too many. We have, I would say, an imbalance in certain areas. We have too many centre forwards, especially when you play only one. We are thin in other areas, but that is a normal thing in a period of takeover from new management. We have done a lot of good business, we know he have another few things to do.

    – Uwe Rösler “


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