With Samu Sáiz banned for 6 games, do Leeds sign someone?


At the end of the embarrassing defeat to Newport County, it got even worse as Samu Sáiz was sent off for allegedly spitting at Newport player. It wasn’t shown on TV so we can’t say if he did it either way but as it stands he has a 6 game ban. Leeds will definitely appeal but it’s one players word against another and it seems unlikely that it’ll be overturned.

These are the games that Sáiz is supposed to miss It’s safe to say there’s some big games there. The question is, do Leeds just put up with the loss and play Pablo Hernandez in the 10 role for 6 straight games? Or, do we go out and sign another quality player who will keep us in the promotion race. Because although I don’t doubt Pablo’s talent, I haven’t seen him perform consistently very often.

A bad spell during these next 6 games after not scoring in the last two league games, could easily ruin any chances we have of finishing in the playoffs. So instead of signing a load of long-term players this January, do we go out and get some proven quality to carry us over the line? With games against Cardiff, Sheff United and Bristol City I think it’s too dangerous to sit back and hope for the best. Leeds should be aggressive and go out and get a player who will stop the loss of Sáiz hurting us.

Let us know what you think, should Leeds let it play out of go sign a “replacement”?



  1. Forget the top six without Saiz for six games if that’s what happens. He was lucky to get away with it last time.
    The squad isn’t good enough and certainly miles away from promotion.
    If we continue buying cheap players we will settle nicely into a mid table side with no real ambition.
    However it seems Radrizzani has smelt the coffee at last with his comments yesterday so maybe he will now realise the problem starts with the coach and his staff and of course Orta.
    You only have to look at Wolves – get a proper manager, spend the money necessary on players for the here and now and get promoted.

  2. load of rolrollocks tim you really are doom and glooom merchant or support another club me thinks and stirring
    ok he made a mistake but on the continent prob he would hav got away with it

    go somewhere else and moan to your mam instead

    jimmy milner from scousers plus a decent uk striker and we will b there abouts


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