It was announced today that Rudy Austin had asked to be relieved of his duties as captain as he didn’t think he had the right personality for it. Well there’s something we can all agree on. Ross McCormack has been given the role and the news was met with general positivity. I’ve never been keen on giving a striker the armband but we are limited with our options in this area.

I would personally have liked Zaliukas to be captain. I know he was diabolical against Sheffield Wednesday but to be honest the whole team was. He captained Hearts for 8 years and their fans reckon that was the making of him. However McDermott has picked McCormack and I’m fully behind that decision. At least he does care about Leeds United. Ross had this to say

Hopefully this decision allows Rudy Austin to get back to good form. Leeds play better when Austin has a good game, that’s a fact. Worrying news today came out that GFH had blocked the transfer of Ashley Barnes, even though the money was there. That’s just Leeds All Over isn’t it…? I’m sure most of this will be forgotten for a while if we somehow manage to win against Leicester, it wouldn’t surprise me with Leeds to be honest with you.



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