Rival Championship defender sings Marching on Together

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A video posted on the 12th of July has been doing the rounds among Leeds fans today. The video is a preseason diary for Brentford, where if you watch this video carefully from this point, you can hear defender Harlee Dean singing our famous anthem.

Leeds are in need of a centre-back and Dean has been linked before, it’s interesting to say the least.

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  • FRED says:

    Maybe Brentford fans sing the Leeds anthem as well and replace the Leeds words, with “Brent, Brent, ford”.
    In the past, I have actually heard Barnsley fans singing Marching On Together and replacing the words “we love you Leeds, Leeds, Leeds”, with “we love you Barns, Barns, ley”.
    Barnsley fans have sung it at Elland Road before and I heard them singing it in live TV games, against another teams.
    It all sounds a bit weird, coming from other fans of other teams.

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