The Yorkshire Evening Post have this morning reported that mega-rich drinks company, RedBull, are in talks with Leeds United over a sponsorship deal. Fans have already taken to Twitter to have their say, and opinions have certainly been divided.

As stated in the report, the deal would result in RedBull’s logo being on the famous United shirt. But fans, most likely because the YEP have mentioned it too, have already made assumptions that this would lead to even bigger things such as Elland Road being renamed. Us fans take much pride in the clubs history and tradition, is it fair for a company to come in and rip it apart’?

In a way I could accept the stadium name being changed if it meant money would come in and be used on the squad. Some people seem to be making massive assumptions based on FC Salzburg, now FC Red Bull Salzburg. Red Bull took them over and basically wiped out their history and made them a completely new team. Some Leeds fans seem to think this will happen to us as well and that the club will “Die” if Red Bull sponsor us. That’s the thing though, this is a sponsorship deal, not a takeover. If it was a takeover I would be massively against it, as they would completely ruin us as a football club, just like Salzburg.

Football is evolving and we don’t want to get left behind. I can see why some people would be cautious about this deal, but if GFH get it right it could be a great thing for Leeds united. Some people may not like the fact that you’ve got to spend big to get to the top in football these days, but if you want our team to get back where we belong it would be a lot easier with significant investment.

This is just my opinion and I’m certain most of you will have a very different one, let us know what you think. Have a vote on the poll below.

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  1. we are Leeds UNITED , whoever sponors us, as long as cash spent on improving the squad ..bring em on ! marching on together …….

  2. That’s how it started with Salzberg. First a sponsorship then a takeover and they said this is a brand new club with no history. They fans were told if they wanted to keep their old colours then the goalkeeper can have violet socks. Slippery slope my friend and everyone who thinks this will stop and just changing the name of the stadium or Red Bull as kit sponsors. Think again. They will wipe out the old Leeds United and leave nothing that will remind anybody that this team used to be Leeds United AFC


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