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Now that the transfer window has closed it’s time to take a look back at the month of January from a Leeds perspective. On the pitch, it couldn’t have got any worse really, Leeds failed to win a game and were knocked out of the FA Cup by Newport. We’re going to discount the thousands upon thousands of U23 signings and just take a look at what Leeds did to improve the first-team squad.

Laurens De Bock

The first move Leeds made was to bring in Belgian left-back Laurens De Bock from Club Brugge. Leeds have needed a left-back ever since Charlie Taylor left and finally we have one. I love Berardi but it’s extremely noticeable the difference when you have a naturally left-sided player in their correct position. Although would Leeds have made that move if Ayling didn’t go down with an injury? Maybe not.

I’m a fan of De Bock, he’s extremely solid defensively and adds another element to our attack that we were lacking earlier this season. In saying that, it’d be nice for us to win a game with him in the side… Not that it’s his fault or anything.

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  1. If what we needed in midfield was Johnny Howson then can someone please explain why we paid Middlesborough £4.5 million for Forshaw when we could have had Howson for nearly the same money in the summer???

  2. Tyler Roberts comes highly rated and I am pleased we didn’t spend big on one of the usual suspects but I will be annoyed if Christiansen does not at least have him on the bench against Cardiff. The rest of the business for me has been good apart from messing about with Lonergan instead of sourcing a decent CB either loan or permanent. The facts were staring them in the face last weekend.
    If this part of our game goes pear shaped over the next three games then it is all over for this season so we can only hope for the best until we get players back.
    IMO Christiansen lost us the Millwall game and was indecisive at Hull so for me he needs to pull his finger out and start to prove he is a capable manager / coach at this level.. Personally I will take some convincing.

  3. Too much emphasis on u23 when players of that age should be knocking on the door of ist team. looking at their results nothing there that shows anyone will be considered 1st team for a long time yet. wasting money concentrating on that level when the team are desperate for a proven championship striker. Orta does bring nothing to the table why not sign British youngsters if he is interested in youth.The manager/coach does not seem to have any say in who comes in.

  4. I totally agree with Tim. Christiansen cost us that match against Milwall. Why would you take off Lasogga and Roofe, both scored and Millwall scored when they came off. He(Thomas) makes the most baffling mistakes. If we don’t win another 5 games back to back, it’s too late for play offs. Though, only 4 points adrift, but, we fail to win the matches we should be winning, i.e. Birmingham, Nott Forest, Millwall, etc. From now until end Feb is our D-day, if we fail, then it is over. I personally think Christiansen won’t be Leeds manager, but, I could be wrong, though, my gut feeling is that Leeds have lost far too many games, like 11 games, not good enough. If you draw or lose and other teams win, we lose ground. In early season Leeds were winning, but, came mid september and everyone knew how we played. We became predictable, you need to change and confuse your opponents. Cardiff is a bogey team, but, we can beat them, like we beat our Yorkshire bogey team, ‘Barnsley’. I wouldn’t base my judgement on a manager after we’ve played over half the season games. This is the time to do so. Leeds have only won 13 games at this stage, which below our standards and slightly few from last year. And yes, this is his 1st year managing in English league. Not great but not terrible. We need to procure a top cb with Jansson. Are we going to get promoted? Answer=Not really. We need also a prolific finisher in the box. Lb id sorted, I’m pleased with that. And another thing about cup matches. Why play a first team, when you can play fringe players, u21 players and a few senior players that normally get a full match. But, no, Christiansen plays Saiz and he gets banned for 6 games. What stupidity. There should be a ban on players tweeting about how sorry they are after a match. It’s a common thing nowadays and it annoys me to see players crying on the web, bloody get a grip of yourself and be men and not girls with dancing shoes. This never existed back in the archaic days. And players would return the next week stronger and win matches. Furthermore, the midfielders have scored more goals than last year, which is important, cause, you should never rely on a lone striker. We suffered last year with Woods, and put too much burden on one’s shoulder. And most teams tend to do that. There’s positive and negative regarding Christiansen’s managerial tenure. I will leave my final judgement until Feburary, when things matter and points count. If Christiansen fails to qualify for play-offs, he’s out and if we do reach play-offs and don’t get promoted, he’ll get a second year. And if we meet Aston Villa in play off, if Leeds make it, we have done well against a top-ish Premiership club. I pray for Leeds to get play off. Insha’allah.Walaikum-aslaam.

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