Andrea Radrizzani has made his first big announcement since taking over at Leeds, and it’s one that he must now go through with to keep the fans on his side.

Radrizzani took complete control of Leeds on Tuesday and he’s wasted no time in getting started, with Ronaldo Vieira signing a new four-year deal yesterday.

This new announcement however, could be the biggest and best thing to happen to this club since the good old Premier League days. The Italian has claimed that he WILL buy back the clubs ground this summer.

It’ll cost Radrizzani just over £15m but for this club to own its ground again is massive news. It’s been spoken about before, when Massimo Cellino was here he claimed one of the first things he would do is buy back Elland Road, but it didn’t happen and look how his tenure turned out.

The new owner is making all the right sounds, it could be a big season for Leeds United.



  1. Well lets hope it is true! looks like next season should bring in big crowds,(therefore more money) if how last season’s attendances are anything to go by and the recent news of just over 15k season tickets sold in the first few weeks are any thing to go by.
    This will definitely be the one thing that the fans (me included) will appreciate as a big gesture.
    I also read Andrea Radrizzani is in talks with Leeds city council to develop a new training facility in or around the centre, again this would be great especially for the younger players, and it should be closer to home.
    But to us true and loyal supporters we have seen all this before it didn’t dampen our faith and love of the club and it never will so MOT into 2017/2018 season.


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