Radrizzani making mistakes – but he’s not wrong


You can’t go two minutes at the moment without another Andrea Radrizzani interview popping up. If you thought Cellino leaving was the end of all this funny business, you were sadly mistaken.

Yes, maybe there are better ways of expressing these feelings behind closed doors. However after Andrea’s outburst on Twitter against Wolves, it’s nice to hear that he realises how bad Leeds have been, not just moaning about other teams. The players may well be annoyed about Radrizzani’s comments, I don’t think they have any right to be though. On the whole, the commitment has been well below par. Just take a look at how many games we’ve had over the last few months where we haven’t started playing till we’ve gone behind, it’s a joke.

Heckingbottom has been here a while now and not much has improved, proving further that the players let Thomas Christiansen down and that they have a lot to answer for. They were rewarded, wrongly in my opinion, long contracts after starting the season brightly. Unfortunately that reward wasn’t returned to Leeds, with quite simply a shocking level of performance since Christmas.

The biggest mistake Radrizzani has made is giving out those contracts when they weren’t necessary. We’re all aware that Cooper, O’Kane etc can put in the odd good performance but it’s usually followed up with let down after let down. They both received four year extensions. Laurens De Bock, who already looks out of his depth, is under contract until 2022. It’s going to be an extremely tough task to get some of these players out of the door this summer, we could end up with a massive squad next season.



  1. Radz is trying to put the blame on the very poor squad he assembled.
    Not a great idea.
    They do try in the games, but they are not up to the task.
    Trying can be very trying.
    Quality counts!!!

  2. Take another look at Murphy,Kliche, at least they will bring some height to the midfield! and they should be given another chance as the others who have been so disappointing!

  3. Fundamentally it is the poor quality of last summer’s recruits, not their spirit or whatever, that is to blame for our modest showing this season. A good start to the season misled both the coach and the owner into believing that the squad was better than it actually was: this is not hindsight – my first match was at home v Birmingham, after which we went to the top of the League, when I had to rub my eyes at what I was seeing: Birmimgham outplayed us for most of the game (as many teams have subsequent done). On the back of the misplaced euphoria we let Doukara go (he had become a fixture pre-Xmas last year as had Sacko) and unaccountably gave a 3 year contract to a very average safety first performer like Dallas (who was already on our books !). Radrizzanni is going to have to take a financial hit this summer by moving out virtually every player signed last summer. Even Saiz has a question to answer: is his now predictable forward bursts holding onto the ball too long a consequence of other players not being in a position for him to release the ball or does he himself not know where his bursts are leading ? Finally. I sincerely hope Heckingbottom succeeds but he will have to show that he is a thinker as well as leader Radrizzanni generously thinks he is. Orta, of course, can go to proverbial hell.

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