According to the Financial Times, Qatar Sports Investments, who own PSG, have been in talks with Andrea Radrizzani about buying a stake in Leeds United, which could be as much as a controlling stake. These talks have apparently been ongoing for months now and did not depend on promotion. Qatar Sports Investments have become increasingly interested in getting involved in English football and Leeds are their preferred choice.

However, QSI aren’t the only interested party. According to the FT, Radrizzani is in talks with 6 different parties who want a piece of the Leeds United pie, it’s unclear who Radrizzani would prefer to sell to, but he would prefer not to lose his majority stake in the club. If QSI were successful and owned a part of Leeds United, no matter how large, it’s safe to say we would have a lot more funds than we currently do. There would be negatives to this move too, Qatar isn’t the least controversial of places, put it that way.

If Leeds had achieved promotion, Radrizzani would likely have continued without investment, but as he’s said many times himself, he can’t do this forever by himself. We’ve been in this league too damn long, some serious investment could be exactly what we need.

The article does state however that the money from investors may not be used on players, Radrizzani may instead use it to buy another European Football Club, adopting a similar method as seen by Watford and Man City. Radrizzani is said to be interested in Italian side Genoa FC.

Let us know what you think of this potential investment!



  1. Any chance of hearing something definate instead of never ending speculation. We need investment in players not other clubs.
    We haven’t even got a coach yet.

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