Leeds had a flying start to this season, scoring goals for fun and when Jansson was on the pitch, we never looked like conceding. That’s all changed recently, we now look like we couldn’t beat Weatherfield County.

Pontus Jansson has been nowhere near his usual standards, he’s had some strong views before and now is no different. It’s safe to say he’s not happy with how he’s played…

Talk is cheap, but this is exactly the sort of thing you want to see from players. Leeds now face a massive game against high-flying Bristol City on Saturday.



  1. We pay Pontus for playing football – not talking.
    He must understand he is just average defender as confirmed by he can´t get a game for poor Sweden.

  2. Now we have a decent keeper in goal my hope is that the team’s confidence will come back = some great saves from Lonergan on Saturday but Bristol will be tough and a yardstick.

  3. Lonergan was a step in the right direction but even Eddie Gray has had to come out in the YP and say Viera must start, something many of us have been banging on about all season.
    We all want Christiansen to be successful but that requires flexibility of thought and action as opposed to his stubborn pigheadedness in tactics and selection.
    Another loss on Saturday and I fear he and his staff will be running out of games.

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