Last summer Pontus Jansson signed a 5 year contract extension at Leeds, which was unheard of for a long time. Sadly a year is a very long time in football and his future is looking very unclear. Whilst with the Sweden squad ahead of the world cup, he had this to say

There is interest. All I know is that I’m going to stay in England. It will be a lot for me to leave England. I really enjoy Leeds. But I want to see their ambitions, now is the time to get into the PL.

So basically if a Premier League club come in for him, he’s going to push for the move. If Jansson had been as good last season as he was in his first season at the club, then it would be understandable for him to want to challenge himself. However, Jansson wasn’t consistent at all last season and looked lost without Kyle Bartley for large parts of the season. He’s clearly a talented player but I’m not sure he’s been good enough to demand a Premier League move.

What do you think, should Leeds fight to keep Jansson or let him move on this summer?



  1. “Should Leeds fight to keep Jansson or let him move on this summer”?

    It all depends on the answers to a few questions doesn’t it?
    1 … who the incoming manager / head coach will be, and does he rate Pontus or would he rather let him go and use the money towards his own choices for his three CBs, that is, of course, if the manager is Bielsa.
    2 … how much will a cash rich PL club be prepared to pay for the services of a player who’s on a 5 year contract and who’s had one outstanding season?
    3 … will the club manage to sign Kyle Bartley, who made Pontus the player we would all like him to be?

    Personally, I’d like him to stay and play alongside Bartley and another talented, naturally left footed CB in Marcelo Bielsa’s back three formation … and it simply cannot be Liability Cooper.

  2. Oh what a fool this man is. A reserve player in one of the worst team in the World Cup – Sweden. Thinks of himself as a must for every Club in the World. Please Pontus stop writing this bullshitt.

  3. We have seen two sides to Jansson with his form and attitude during the last few months receiving considerable criticism, so it’s a bit much for him now to suggest that his future at Leeds might depend on him having evidence of the club’s ambitions.
    If he can start to reproduce the type of performances we saw when he first arrived his name would very likely be first on the teamsheet. If, however, we see more of last season’s displays it would restrict any PL interest and leave many fans feeling quite comfortable with the idea of him leaving the club.
    It will be interesting to see which version of Jansson turns up at the World Cup, and if he manages to escape ‘injury’.

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