If you’re a Leeds fan and you were watching the game on Sky you were probably wondering. Who is Keith Andrews and what did Leeds do to hurt him? He even claimed during the broadcast that Leeds were a better team without Pontus Jansson.

A fan quoted Andrews and Jansson responded with this

Someone needed to say something at this point, the coverage on Sky was a joke tonight, I’ve never seen such bias and Don Goodman has been on plenty of Leeds games over the years. It’ll be interesting to see how Keith Andrews responds to Pontus, but he’s probably better off crying into his warm milk that we’ve won, again.



  1. Well said all round, except for Keith ‘who is he’ Andrews who is most likely bitter because he is called Keith.

  2. Another Leeds hater only played for shit team himself self opinionated that’s why we’re top of the League Keith.

  3. Sky hate us – the FA hate us – everyone hates us – as we sleep tonight someone from the grey suit brigade will be inserting the words “spying on the opposition will result in the deduction of a 15 points penalty plus a sermon from Alan Green” into the FL rules……

  4. Sky devoted the whole show to Spygate.
    They asked Marcelo before the game, and after the same question.
    Leeds were brilliant, and don’t need to ‘spy’ on anybody.
    Nobody was murdered, or mugged or abused in any way.
    Derby tried to use this to give them an edge, but they were blown away!
    They need more time on the training ground!!
    Derby have enough players for 2 teams, and a bench full of experienced and expensive players.
    I think Frank Lampard is out of his depth, and he knows it.
    The Sky panel embarrassed themselves.
    No one on the panel representing Leeds!

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