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Phil Hay offers fresh insight into Leeds United talks with individual over key agreement

Image for Phil Hay offers fresh insight into Leeds United talks with individual over key agreement

There has been little progress with talks over a new contract for Kalvin Phillips at Leeds United.

That’s according to The Athletic’s Phil Hay, who does say that neither side are in a rush to get a new deal agreed immediately.

It goes without saying that Phillips has emerged as a key figure for Leeds over the of the past few seasons.

That has however, attracted attention from elsewhere, with Liverpool and Manchester United linked with the England international earlier in the campaign.

In response to that, Leeds are said to be looking to extend Phillips’ contract, in an attempt to secure his future at Elland Road long term.

However, it seems that neither party are too close to coming to an agreement over that, although that may not be too much of a cause for concern for Leeds, judging by these latest comments from Hay.

Providing an update on talks over a new contract for Phillips, the reporter told The Phil Hay Show podcast (46:43): “I don’t think that’s really made any progress, although I wouldn’t have said that either side, him or the club felt an urgent rush to get it done.

“But there does seem to be commitment on Phillips’ side to speak about his commitment and on Leeds’ side to renegotiate and to pay more and to understand that because he is an England international and because he is one of the pick of the players at Elland Road, he should be earning more and should be closer to the sort of wage that in England international would earn.”

As things stand, there are two-and-a-half years remaining on Phillips’ contract with Leeds, securing his future at Elland Road until the end of the 2023/24 season.

You do get the feeling that this may be something of a relief for those of a Leeds United persuasion.

Understandably, you imagine many will want this done sooner rather than later, then that speculation about a move elsewhere can be put to bed.

It seems as though that may not happen, but regardless of that, there still appears to be a willingness from both sides to negotiate here.

That at least should give Leeds fans some optimism that a deal can be done, which will certainly be welcome news given how important Phillips is to this team.

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