So, the dust has settled on Leeds’ dramatic draw away at the Riverside as Kalvin Phillips netted a header to equalise at the death of 12 minutes of injury time. However, whilst some would leave that game saying it felt like a win, there are some pressing issues that need to be addressed and also some positives that Leeds need to build on.

Starting Shack

Despite Ayling’s ailing performances, Shack’s impact yesterday was indisputable. Though not as imposing in size, he was clearly better defensively and also in transitional phases. Better with his feet and quicker in letting the ball go, he clearly had a lot more direction to his play. His case to start is clear, Ayling at right-back is not working as is.

Klich Don’t Kill My Vibe

Once again it’s hard to remember Klich having much on an impact in that game. He was largely invisible and Leeds are in desperate need of a strong midfield to relieve pressure on the holding role, we could probably attribute a number of the errors made by Kalvin and Forshaw to the lack of a strong figure in front winning the ball back themselves. Perhaps vs Swansea we could play Forshaw in front of Kalvin, as was in summer.

Bielsa Burnout Is a Double Edged Sword

When Bielsa was appointed, numerous journalists furiously googled his name for any bit of new information they could get on him. One of the common tropes they found associated with Bielsa is the ‘phenomenon’ that his teams tend to drop off in the second half of the season having been successful in the first. They accuse his training methods to be too grueling, but we have seen time and time again Leeds pick up points in the closing stages of the game. Is this not because we are a fitter side, better trained to keep their heads, know their system and how to execute it? I think we can see the intense preparation paying off…

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  1. Whats with the sudden down on Klich – he’s an unfussy player but his link play, intelligent passing and incisive running have been a positive constant in an up and down season team performance wise – and that’s not even factoring in the goals! Ayling is a shadow of last season, presumably a post injury/ confidence problem – he’ll be back but Shackleton has earned a chance.for a run. As for the late season tiring issue if we don’t go up it’ll be blamed even though there would doubtless be a load of causes really (not least EFL dragging out spygate for maximum undermining effect) – but if we go up people will dismiss idea (and no signs yet that tiredness is the thing costing us points – just poor defending and profligate finishing, both of which we have the players to correct when hit form again) MOT

  2. I have to agree with John Bennett … What’s with the sudden down on Mateusz Klich? LAO, you must be watching a different Mateusz Klich to the one I`m watching, the one who makes telling runs into the opposition penalty box, has contributed, so far, with 7 critical goals (has Adam Forshaw even hit the target with his attempts?), rarely gives the ball away, though I acknowledge he made a mistake at the cost of a goal in trying to make a clearance recently. There is also an argument that says he shouldn’t have played Saturday as he had to have a last minute fitness test, and, probably was not 100% fit. Furthermore, to suggest that Adam Forshaw should replace Klich in a more forward role will, at least, take him away from areas where he is a liability.

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