Over the past few months we have seen a lot of activity. From multiple managers leaving to seeing our players start to gel and work better together…

However, these next two months could be pivotal for our chance at getting in (or near) the playoff spots. I must say, I am very impressed with coach Redfearn. He has started to get the team out playing in a more fluid form and has got them enjoying their football. During the international break he has called back Lewis Cook and Alex Mowatt from their international duties to get them more time training for the club. He is working on stabilizing our squad and getting them to settle which is also important for the younger players blending with the veterans we have. I think coach Redfearn understands that we may not get many more players in this season and he has to make sure that our veterans work well with any of the younger players who could be needed in their absence.

Looking at the schedule, we play some solid teams and the top 6 spots are totally up for whoever wants to get in them. With this much of an open table, now would be the time to build on the momentum we have. For too long it seems that we have slowed down heavily during the holiday break. If we stamp down and get some points we could go into the holidays sitting in a confident spot in the table.

As far as transfers go, the first thing coach Redfearn needs is some help. I was under the impression that we would have had an announcement last week regarding a new assistant coach but it looks like it might be longer. I hope Cellino and Salerno are working hard to get who Redfearn wants in. If it’s Thompson, I’d imagine the price to get him from Huddersfield will not be cheap. However, it’s about who Redfearn needs.

Secondly, with player transfers, it seems the obvious choice would be to get some quick, young, wing players in. Of all the teams we play, nearly all of them have had a couple of players with real pace that can run at us and give us trouble. I’ll also add that it seems we also need a defensive mid who can slow down some of the threat those wing players from other teams have been giving us. I honestly don’t think we can count on Austin to do that every game and I don’t think it’s fair to put pressure on Cook to do it either. Bianchi is our other resource but I feel he is better going forward and creating quick passes and linking up with attacking players (of course lately, he has done the a lot of our defensive midfield duties).

We have a big game coming Saturday against another decent side but one that we could get all 3 points from. Let’s hope this break has been used very well to get the best out of our players going forward. MOT!



  1. Really good to be reading positive blogs for a change. Just been perusing NewsNow and noticed that bitter twisted saddo crapping on about the England win last night. Instead of celebrating the victory he chooses to attempt to ridicule the Scots. Keep up the good work Bailey and coach Redfearn.

  2. Interesting point about the defensive midfield player, does anyone else think Bellusci would be great for this role?

    • That’s a good point LeedsBoyer. I remember someone asking Eddie Gray about it after the match via LUTV (radio). His thoughts were Bellusci might be too much of a heavy (possibly careless) tackler but he did admit he seems fairly composed going forward.


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