If you’re a Leeds fan and you decided to spend your Sunday browsing the Manchester United official club website, you’d have been in for a big shock today. Granted, that rules out everybody reading this, but we’ll continue on.

They have an article today discussing the pros and cons to our possible promotion and how it would change their lives. They spoke to four different Manchester United connections, including former Leeds striker Andy Ritchie, who played for both clubs. Unsurprisingly he was warm to the idea of Leeds’ return to the Premier League, stating that “I think everybody would love to see them playing in the Premier League – I really do. I think it would be good for the league.”

They followed that up by asking two writers for their thoughts and to the shock of many they both favoured Leeds winning promotion over other possible contenders. The general consensus seems to be that although they hate us for obvious reasons, they’d much rather play us than some nondescript side like Norwich or West Brom.

Man United club reporter Joe Ganley had some interesting comments on the matter.”Yes. Games at Elland Road are arguably even more intense than our trips to City or Liverpool, and Yorkshire is severely under-represented in the Premier League, given the strength of its football culture.” He’s not wrong, have you seen the ‘atmosphere’ at Anfield these days?

You can read the article in full here


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