For most clubs, the summer is a chance to relax. A chance to forget about the highs or lows of being a fan – although the World Cup’s upon us soon so most people will be looking forward to that… but not Leeds. Nothing’s ever straightforward with Leeds.

Now there’s no football being played it’s all off the pitch matters. It appeared that Brian had gone AWOL, although he has sent Cellino a letter clarifying his whereabouts. It has come to light that McDermott is not on holiday but his mother’s in hospital – according to Phil Hay, anyway.

Continuing with the managerial talk, there have been rumours going round that Benito Carbone, who has the likes of Napoli and Inter on his playing CV, was set to take over from Brian McDermott as United’s manager. This has been confirmed to be untrue which will appease the “two plus two” talk. Carbone will instead be United’s new special consultant to the board of directors for sport matters – including facilities and the academy. Many would class his role a Director of Football.

Meanwhile Cellino’s trying to cut the apparent £100K per day costs at the club. We all know about the training ground closure, with the hilarious Ross McCormack taking to Twitter in attempts to try and find somewhere to train ahead of Scotland’s friendly. Due to the closure, however, the Football League has confirmed that they’re to meet with United officials to get clarification as to why it has been closed and what consequences this will have on our current Elite Player Performance Plan category 2 status. Cellino has delved deeper into United’s workforce in a bid to reduce the expenses, and is set to make a number of people redundant. Leeds are currently facing a winding up petition from David Haigh’s company, Sport Capital, over an unpaid loan of £950K. This has had a widespread effect with the club’s accounts being frozen, causing “match-day and casual” staff to go unpaid.

What an absolute mess this club is in. I do believe Cellino is doing the right thing, however. The media isn’t helping, jumping to conclusions at any given opportunity.

Finally, the players released list to be announced in the very near future. Two players who will not have an Elland Road future are the Turner twins, Nathan and Lewis. Both have tweeted in the last hour. We’ll bring you a full list of the released list as soon as it’s announced. Cellino along with Carbone and Redfearn made the decision on who’s staying and who’s going, putting further strain on relationships between Cellino and McDermott.



  1. Correct decision over the Turner twins … at 21 years of age, they should,at least have been nearer the first team squad and it will be interesting to see if Chester look to continue with their services … I’m also sure there will be others from the academy who will be following soon.


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