The Mitre Delta Hyperseam is the new official match ball for both the EFL and SPFL 2017/18 season and is now available for purchase here and from most other sports retailers as of tomorrow. As can be seen above, the ball has a classic look, reminding me of when football was a better spectacle all round. After trying out the ball I can tell you it’s a must buy if you’re looking for a new football, the best thing for me was how it somehow didn’t become dirty when playing a full match on a ridiculously muddy pitch. Anyone who’s played Sunday League will have seen a waterlogged pitch devour a football, however this one just seemed to be able to handle it surprisingly well.

The ball is suited to both grass and AstroTurf conditions, whether wet or dry. The Hyperseam keeps its shape extremely well and doesn’t have any of the issues of other balls such as the World Cup 2010 ball, that moved more through the air than a turbulent Ryanair flight. Everything just feels right about it, the weight is perfect and doesn’t break your foot after you’ve smashed in a 30-yarder. So whether you’re looking for a new ball for your kids new football season or you need one yourself for a five-a-side, this is the ball for you.



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