According to Skybet, the new favourite for the Leeds job is Victor Sanchez. He came from nowhere to be head of the betting and many are wishing he hadn’t at all. Sanchez has been sacked three times in a year, won 18 of 81 games as manager with a 22% win ratio. He’s managed some big clubs in Deportivo, Olympiacos and Betis, but he hasn’t succeeded at any of them. He was a good player in Spain, playing for Real Madrid and Deportivo mainly, though that talent doesn’t seem to have translated to management. He never played for an English team, so I’m not sure where the idea of him being Leeds manager has come from and I hope it’s a false link. There’s been many names come to the top of the betting for the Leeds job but Sanchez is the only one who had not been rumoured before hand, meaning someone must have put large money on it.

Garry Monk had his Middlesbrough press conference this morning, I won’t mention what he said because I really think we need to move on, it would help if we had a manager. You would hope Radrizzani is taking his time getting a good name, that name not being Sanchez would be a good start.



  1. Fans are used to being bled dry by Bookies and even their own clubs!!
    Bookies make up lists of ‘potential’ managers, they know are false.
    That’s why they change regularly.
    Fans put money down based on LIES!!

    Also the Chairman’s short list.
    Let us say it is 4 people, as an example.
    Those 4 a whittled down from say 10.
    The thing those four have in common is ALL THEY WANT THE JOB!!
    This then is decided at the interview where the candidate, may not like the offer or the transfer kitty etc, or the Chairman may not like him.
    So any managers like Stam or anyone else mentioned IS NOT UNDER CONSIDERATION unless they want the job, or are already on the short list!!
    When people like Stam are mentioned, they get approached by the media.
    As soon as they deny their interest you get the headline:-
    “Stam turns down Leeds job”!!
    It is as stupid as that!!!!!!!

    Let’s just wait and see!!


    • Absolutely spot on henri … hope you haven’t put any money on anyone yet. As you say … let’s just wait and see.

  2. Totally agree – let’s not go backwards, the next appointment is now vital to a momentum the fans feel was happening,.


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