Leeds United this morning announced that Season Ticket prices would be frozen for current holders ahead of the 2017/2018 campaign, no matter what division the club would be in.

Adults in the North and South stands can renew for £445, while the East Central Lower and West Stand costs £537.

The deadline for supporters wishing to renew their Season Ticket is 6th May. If fans haven’t renewed by then, and any supporter wishing to buy a new Season Ticket, are going to have to pay £536 to sit in the North or South Stand and £646 to sit in the East Central Lower or West Stand.

Fans have been reacting to the news and it’s fair to say there is a mixed reaction among the Elland Road supporters.

Here are a select few from Twitter, we’ll start with the positive fans:

The Season Ticket news was also met with fans unhappy, especially those who aren’t renewing:

For the full list of Season Ticket prices, follow the link to the Official Club website.

Are you happy with the renewal prices? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I am a long term season ticket holder so freezing is good for me…but new season ticket holder should be encouraged not put off…a small premium of £40-50 max should be charged. I would rather have a full ground then 70% full…makes sense..

    • Disagree. Why shouldn’t loyal s/t holders get their loyalty rewarded? Now if you were saying that new kids should get a similar discount if they buy a new s/t, you might have my ear, as they are our tomorrow. But encouraging ‘fns’ that only show up when we’re doing well? Nah, let them continue to moan via their keyboards. They’d probably be shocked to discover that there’s no heating or aircon at ER.

  2. Just goes to show you can never pls some people. Great prices for kids…encouraging the next generation… Fans that whinge will be the first to whinge after a few bad results… Much better to reward the regulars…’Bring a friend prices’ for early season games may be a useful option to consider…

  3. Some people have short memories. 5 years ago I was paying £711 under Bates. Since Cellino arrived, I’ve been paying £537. If the club paid some of these moaning face gits £100 to go to each game, they’d be moaning that they didn’t get a free pie too.


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