Leeds have today announced the signing of Connor Wickham on loan till the end of the season. This came as a pleasant surprise for most Leeds fans. Only yesterday fans were starting to wonder about the club’s future yet again after the Football league released this statement fl which was deleted pretty soon after. Never simple with Leeds aye?
In my opinion Connor Wickham is the perfect signing right now, the goals have dried up and we now have possibly the best strike force in the championship. Hopefully now our wingers will actually attempt to cross the ball to the 6ft 3 Connor Wickham. After last weekend I thought we had no chance of the play-offs but maybe I can now reconsider. There is usually a late challenge from a team in the championship, you wouldn’t think it could be Leeds but stranger things have happened. News today also came out that Leeds had paid the £1.5m that was owed to Andrew Flowers, you would presume that Cellino paid that. The signs are positive with Cellino so far, signing two young British players on decent wages and paying off some debt. There may be a problem if he doesn’t manage to complete the takeover as Leeds would then owe him money, but lets hope it doesn’t come to that.

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  1. Sorry this is ok but its still just another loan, So as with Butland they play well and then disappear at the end of the season…. Cant really get excited about it

  2. It’s a start but I agree it’s all well and good building a team with loan players, if you did well with them and they stayed that’s great . But if they disappear what are you left with apart from a fragmented team in a harder decision .

  3. PL signings a good sign surely? If Cellino brings his dosh to ER then I’d sign Wickham, Alex McCarthy, Wes Hoolahan, James Milner on a season long loan (then sign him when promoted) and Rafael Van der Vaart (if Hamburg are relegated from the Bundesliga, they are in the bottom 4). Just need to find a decent centre half or 2, maybe Italians

  4. Hope he likes watching balls going over his head thats all ive watched for the last two games.Please play football from now on,and give our two frontmen a chance.

  5. good signing BUT only slightly better than Smith. (a thinking player for Austin would have been better perhaps that’s next) things seem to be happening though MOT

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