McDermott returns with class and dignity.

The LeedsUnited saga went full circle today, as Brian McDermott, sacked on Friday, returned to work. McDermott turned up to Thorp Arch to take training and to face the media.

During McDermott’s press conference he confirmed that on Friday he had a telephone call from Chris Farnell to relieve him of his duties and that a letter would be on it’s way to him. A letter, incidentally, that hasn’t arrived, it is being reported by Phil Hay that the letter was on official club letterhead paper and signed by Cellino, it is also reported that their group are trying to get the letter destroyed and all traces disposed of.

McDermott then received a phone call from GFH on Saturday morning to tell him that he hadn’t been sacked. McDermott first saw the statement from GFH on his iPad at home! McDermott confirmed that Festa had again been at the training ground today, and that he was with a new player, we assume it’s Tabanelli, but the strange thing regarding him is even McDermott doesn’t know if the transfer went through. McDermott went on to say that if it has the player will get respect he deserves and every chance to prove himself. The presence of Festa is alarming though, it would suggest that they are still expecting the Cellino sale to go through.

McDermott also touched on the fact that he prepared the team that played on Saturday, but after his dismissal the team was changed by Festa. after putting Gibbs in charge he changed the team back to McDermott’s original team. Proving that Festa was put in charge by Cellino.

Through out his press conference McDermott constantly praised the players, the staff and the supporters. He was full of praise for Gibbs calling him a class act and speaking of his admiration for him as a man. There was high praise for Ross McCormack too.

McDermott held himself with class and dignity. Constantly talking about he’s back because he wants to be Leeds United manager. He was asked if he feared for his future if Cellino took over and he just said “that’s for the future, this is the now and right now I want to be Leeds United manager. Why would I walk away from being Leeds United manager?” He just get’s ‘it’ he feels like us and wants what we want.

So, that’s settled for now, time for the next drama and roller coaster to start, which judging by news of a new consortium coming in, it’s gonna start again.



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